West Iceland

West Iceland is not traditionally a culinary destination, even by Icelandic standards. However there is some important food production. Snæfellsnes is a fishing area, so look for fresh fish, especially in the small villages on the western end of the peninsula. Búðardalur is known in Iceland for its cheese production, although the cheese produced are generally not local brie, cheddar etc.. There are geothermal areas in the vicinity of Borgarfjörður, and by extention there is greenhouse farming. Sometimes it will be possible to buy vegetables straight from the farmer and there's a popular stall selling tomatoes by Deildartunguhver.

Most villages will have some restaurants, but there are also some interesting rural eating options with fantastic scenery . These include Hótel Búðir fine dining and Fjöruhúsið a small café, both on the southern coast of Snæfellsnes.