Gamla Bakariid

Excellent bakery in the city center. open everyday except sunday.

Vid Pollinn

The restaurant at hotel isafjordur.


Popular fish restaurant. everything is fresh. located at the end of suðertangi, phone number is 456-441. open long hours in the summer but little during the winter.

Thai Koon

A small cafeteria-type joint in the Neisti shopping center. Not very good. The chicken dish is especially lousy. 1490 kr for your choice of two dishes and white rice.


Grocery store in center city.

Fiskbúð Sjávarfangs

Local fish shop, the only one of its kind in the westfjords. sells excellent assortment of fresh fish, icelandic dry fish, salt fish, and much, much more. located at sindragötu 11 on the main fishing harbor, right across from the small boat and cruise ship docking. open monday through friday, 11am-6pm. (https://www.facebook.com/...)