Bus Tours - For travellers wishing to experience Ireland on a budget, there are a variety of inexpensive bus tours in almost every part of the country. These tours can range from hop-on hop-off busses in major cities such as Dublin and Cork to 5-day trips through some of the most scenic parts of the country. The bus drivers/guides are generally well informed about Irish history and enjoy sharing local legends and songs with anyone happy to 'lend an ear'.

Ireland is part of the European Union/European Economic Area, and as such any EU/EEA or Swiss national has an automatic right to take up employment in Ireland. Non EU/EEA citizens will generally require a work permit and visa. Further information can be found on Citizens Information (http://www.citizensinform...), the Irish government's public services information website.

No stay in Ireland is complete without sampling its magnificent language, first language to thousands across the island. A few common phrases are easy to pick up. It is however important to note that the vast majority of Irish people do not speak, or in many cases understand, the Irish language with any degree of fluency. A tourist using the Irish language will very often be greeted with indifference.

Some Useful Irish Phrases:

Le do thoil Leh duh hull
Slán Slawn
How are you?
Conas atá tú?/Cén chaoi ina bhfuil tú? cunas a taw two cane cwe in a vuill two
Dia dhuit dee a gwit
Thank you
Go raibh maith agat guh rev mah agat
Amárach a maw rock
Excuse me
Gabh mo leithscéal Go muh leh scayl
What's your name?
Cad is ainm duit? cod is an im dit(ch)
Sláinte slawn cha

You can learn many interesting facts about Ireland's history and culture. One of the things Ireland is most famous for is Irish dancing. Riverdance, a popular show centered on Irish step dancing, started in Ireland. Irish traditional music is also popular throughout.

Ireland has internationally-respected universities, including the venerable Trinity College Dublin the only college of the University of Dublin. The National University of Ireland has constituent colleges in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Maynooth. Other colleges/universities include Dublin City University DCU, University of Limerick UL, Institues of Technology in the larger towns/cities around the country and other higher education colleges.

Literature has many great Irish authors writing in both Irish and in English, including James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, Brendan Behan and Oliver Goldsmith. The writer of Gulliver's Travels, Dean Jonathan Swift, was from Dublin, and poets W. B. Yeats and Patrick Kavanagh also hailed from Ireland. There are many literary tourist attractions and tours in Dublin, especially.