Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is not a full member of the European Union or the Schengen Area, however it is part of the Common Travel Area and maintains a full customs union with the United Kingdom. No passport control checks are in place for travellers from the UK, however the plane and ferry companies usually request some form of photo ID.

By ship
By ship

Ferries operated by the Steam Packet Company ( to Douglas from:

Liverpool, England - 2h 30m Fast craft / 4h conventional ferry

Heysham, Lancashire, England - 4h 30m conventional ferry

Belfast, Northern Ireland - 2h 45m Fast craft

Dublin, Ireland - 2h 50m Fast craft / 4h 45m conventional ferry

By plane
By plane

A number of airlines such as easyJet, British Airways and FlyBe operate regular services to the Isle of Man from regional airports throughout the British Isles such as Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast, London Gatwick, Luton, London City and Birmingham.

The Isle of Man Airport ( is located at Ronaldsway, near Castletown, in the south of the island. There are regular bus services from the Airport to Castletown and Douglas.

There are many flights operating from the island's Ronaldsway airport to destinations including Belfast, Dublin, London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow

FlyBE ( and Easyjet ( operate several direct services to the UK, Jersey, Geneva and Brussels and also offer connecting services often through Birmingham or Manchester to many other destinations on their route network. British Airways CityFlyer ( also operates direct services to and from several London airports.