Ascoli Piceno

La chiesa di San Francesco
Piazza del Popolo

the church of Saint Francisco owerlooking the main square.

Pinacoteca civile
viale bovio

Museum inside the city hall bulding full of antiquies and arts

The auditorium

build in a roman pagan temple, with his special acoustic

Piazza del Popolo
Piazza del Popolo

The main square of the city is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. :PalazzoCapitaniAP.jpg

The inside tunnel on the Porta Solestà's bridge

recostructed "Porta Solestà"'s bridge offer a free visit to one escape's way in case of siege to the city

The roman age fortress

named "Fortezza Pia" in the upper part of the town, the walls and the bridges around the town

il Duomo e Piazza Arringo

Duomo's church and his Arringo square with TownHall palace and Archeological Museum

The "Ventidio Basso" Theater

a most beautiful renascimental theater

the Roman Theater

in phase of escavating, near "Porta Romana" also knowed as "Porta Gemina" for its egual gates in the West of the fortified town with its mastodontic walls

The medieval town and streets

in travertin's local stone materials.

Vesta's temple

archeologist discover, after years of studies, it was initially devoted to the cult of Iside