A lasagna dish from le marche with an odd name. vincisgrassi is the italianization of the name of the austrian general, prince windischgratz, who was commander of the austrian forces stationed in the marches. the dish was allegedly created for the prince by a local chef.


This unusual salami is originally from le marche, but it is also prepared in umbria, especially in the area that borders the town of macerata. it is made by kneading very finely ground pork with a good quantity of fat until the mixture is very soft. the meat is flavored simply with garlic, salt, and pepper, and it is often smoked. ciauscolo is meant to be spread onto bread rather than sliced, given its soft consistency; ciauscolo resembles the rillettes of france, which differ because they are cooked while ciauscolo remains raw unless it is smoked.

Olive all'ascolana (stuffed olives)

The invention of these stuffed and deep fried olives dates back to the beginning of xix century. apparently created by an unknown chef who worked for an aristocratic family of ascoli piceno, they are a must on the table of locals during the festivities.