There are an endless amount of activities to keep tourists occupied in Fermo.


Visit the beaches – Do take the time to experience Fermo’s beaches. Lido di Fermo is a great place for tourists who like to relax, sunbathe, or play sports.

Interact with locals –

Do go out of your way to get to know the locals. the people of fermo are known for their friendly and welcoming demeanor. almost all people in the area speak italian in their everyday interactions, but many do know how to speak english as well, especially younger people. even if you do not speak italian, making an effort to communicate with those who live in fermo will prove to be a worthwhile experience.

Visit the market –

Do visit the open air market that takes place every sunday. it is located in the main square of town, the piazza del polpolo. very fresh local produce and high quality food products are available for purchase at the market. it is also a great place for socialization.

Attend festivals –

Do attend any of the annual festivals that fermo hosts that take place during your stay. they honor a variety of aspects of fermo’s unique culture, from regional food and wine to music. these enjoyable events take place in the main piazza of the town. they are perhaps the best way to truly experience the rich, refined culture of fermo and mingle with friendly locals.

Visit a chalet –

Do visit one or more of the chalets located on the beach in fermo. a chalet is comparable to a “beach club” in the united states, but in italy the concept is much broader. fermo is home to several of these popular beachside hang out spots. each chalet varies in the services they offer, but most provide fresh food, refreshments, alcoholic beverages, and entertainment. most chalets also provide beach necessities like umbrellas and beach chairs. visiting a chalet will definitely enhance your beach going experience in fermo.