Locanda del Palio –

This lovely restaurant located close to the main square, piazza del popolo, features traditional “marchigiana” cuisine. the menu is in italian, but english speaking staff members are available to assist you in ordering. this restaurant receives great reviews from foreigners and locals alike. people also note that the dã©cor of this restaurant is wonderfully unique and authentic to fermo.

Gelateria Yogurteria Pelacani –

If you have just enjoyed a meal or you are in the mood for a sweet snack, try the delicious gelato or yogurt at this beachside “gelateria.” gelato is an italian specialty that is similar to similar to ice cream. this particular “gelateria” is very popular among the locals of fermo.

In Italy, each region and even specific towns within the larger regions have unique culinary offerings, in which they take great pride. Fermo is no exception. Being on the coastline, “la cucina tipica” of Fermo often contains various types of seafood, such as calamari, mussels, and crab. Fermo is also known for its delicious lasagna, which comes in a variety of styles depending on available ingredients and family traditions. Perhaps the true culinary masters of Fermo are found in households, rather than in restaurants. Do not be discouraged from eating out, however. Restaurants still offer delicious food that is representative of the distinct local cuisine. It is important to note that language differences may be an issue when communicating at restaurants in Fermo. Most of the larger, well-established restaurants will have English-speaking staff members to help tourists out, but some of the smaller local eateries may not. Language barriers should not discourage you when choosing a place to eat. Anywhere you go, you will find that the staff is hospitable and eager to help you. Restaurants in Fermo may be slightly different from what most tourists are accustomed to, in that the menus normally have very few options. Because the food is so fresh and all locally grown and produced, its availability may change from day to day. Therefore, instead of extensive menu choices, a server will inform you of the daily specialties that have been created by the chef according to what is available on the given day. It is recommended to order from these specially crafted dishes. Below are a few of the restaurant options in Fermo.

Osteria Il Galeone –

This upscale restaurant is located in torre di palme, which is a small town very close by to fermo. it offers many homemade meat and fish dishes that incorporate high quality local ingredients. the restaurant and its chef have received numerous recognitions and awards. another attractive feature of this restaurant is the terrace, where one can sit and enjoy a meal with a breathtaking view of the adriatic sea.