There are a few options for overnight accommodations while in Fermo. Most tourists will choose to stay in a hotel. There are many hotels in Fermo to choose from, ranging from fairly cheap to very pricey. Keep in mind that hotel rooms in Italy, on the whole, are much smaller than the rooms to which most tourists from the United States are accustomed. Rooms can be easily booked over the internet.

An increasingly popular option for tourists is a stay at a local farm. Agritourism, is a rapidly growing type of tourism in la Marche region of Italy, and more specifically Fermo has several options available for travelers who do not wish to stay in a traditional hotel. Local farmers offer rooms, meals, apartments and villas to tourists who seek out an authentic travel experience. This option is a good value, as well, but prices are known to rise during peak tourist seasons. Many of the restored farm houses have pools.

For more adventurous tourists, camp sites are frequent along the coastline in Fermo and the surrounding areas. These sites are usually very well maintained. Many of them have small shops and places for other outdoor recreation activities.