Pesaro and Urbino

The Wines

The gentle hilly countryside of the province of pesaro and urbino provides fertile terrain for fine quality grapes and the local people have prized their aphrodisiac qualities for centuries! grapes were grown in this area as long ago as the 8th-10th century bc by etruscan tribes who understood the potential of the landscape, the mildness of its climate and the variety of micro-climates most favourable to this rich variety of grape. a passion for wine-growing developed over time and has led to the production of a number of excellent wines which are now classified with the label "denominazione di origine controllata". around the province of pesaro and urbino you can find the following particular doc classified wines: "bianchello del metauro", "colli pesaresi rosso", "colli pesaresi bianco".

The Moretta

It is difficult to find coffee quite like this fano speciality anywhere else. it isn't just a question of knowing how to use a coffee machine or even the way in which the beans are blended or roasted. the secret of the unmistakable aroma of moretta lies in the ingredients which are added to it in their correct proportion and blend. yet if you find, even by following the recipe, that your own coffee doesn't quite match up to the true fano moretta, then you must allow the fisherman of the town, who are the true masters of the tradition, to retain a few secrets for themselves about the making of this unique and unmistakable drink.

The Visner

The typical inland "visner" is a wild cherry wine, in which wine and fruit are matured together. once upon a time farmers produced this blend of wine and cherries to quench their thirsts while working on the land but now visner has become a delicacy served in restaurants which are proud of maintaining local traditions.