Pesaro and Urbino

The Fish

The adriatic sea is one of the richest areas for fishing, history and culture and those who fish its waters know how to make the most of the opportunities of all that the sea has to offer. it is therefore no surprise that fish is the main element in the gastronomic tradition of the province and that hundreds of restaurants provide an infinite number of ways to prepare it.

Da Maria

Simply unique! maria and her daughter domenica will sweetly cook for you the best fresh local fish.

Fano, via IV Novembre 86 +39 0721 808962

The Truffle

Travel a few kilometres along the via flaminia from fano and you reach acqualagna, capital of the truffle along with sant'angelo in vado and sant'agata feltria. the truffle, with its magic aroma, is one of the world's great culinary ingredients and the finest gourmets are prepared to go to any lengths to enjoy its exquisite taste.

The Olive Oil

Over the years, time and history have shown the hills just outside fano to be particularly suited the growing of olives. the high number of olive presses still operating in the area hark back to days gone by. at cartoceto olive growing has always been a characteristic feature of the landscape. here, olive presses are still in operation and their excellent quality extra virgin olive oil is renowned at international level.

The Cheese

Among the many specialities are a number of cheeses, of which the finest is without doubt the famous golden formaggio di fossa, matured in underground caves of tufa stone, whose strong intoxicating aroma fills the air. it is to be found in the north of the province at talamello, in the val marecchia, but also a few kilometres away from fano in the village of cartoceto. it is a magnificent culinary delicacy used in a variety of dishes from soups to dessert. the casciotta di urbino is also worthy of mention. it has been made since the 16th century and even michelangelo had a weakness for it! the pecorino cheese is a very versatile ingredient and can be conserved in a hundred different ways. the tourist travelling through the countryside will find the fine pecorino con le vinacce and the pecorino di botte, that is a typical product of the fano area. the pecorino di botte is wrapped in particular types of foliage and has an unmistakable and delightfully delicate flavour.