Sip a cappuccino in the Piazza della Republica, at the center of town.Visit the town museum, which is free and open on weekdays. The Duke's palace is also open to visitors and costs 4 Euro. It is filled with medieval paintings and statues, but all descriptions are in Italian. Don't miss the basement servant quarters and remember to bring a sweater because it is kept very cold.

Bosom Pub is a hot spot for students and often has drink specials. It is especially busy Thursday nights. They play a mixture of Italian and American music.El Piquero is another hot spot for students, particularly on Thursday nights. DJs play a mix of musical genres depending on the crowd. DJs are usually receptive to requests. There are often drink specials. Cafe Del Sole is a cafe by day and bar by night. Featuring live music and friendly service, Cafe Del Sole is a popular spot for an apertivo.Thursday nights are the major "nights out" in Urbino. Due to Urbino's popularity as a study abroad destination, you will find the piazza lively and crowded year-round. Drinking alcoholic beverages in public/outside is, of course, legal. Many students use the piazza as a meeting place before heading to the various bars in town. There is no curfew to speak of, and things usually die down around 3 or 4am depending on the weather. However, this lively, college-student culture does not have a negative impact on the town. The streets are cleaned every morning between 4:00 and 5:00, so, come morning, there are no plastic cups, broken glass, or cigarette butts to speak of.

Every Saturday there is a market where you can find just about anythings for a decently low price. This includes clothing,shoes,bedding,fruits,vegetables,seafood and meat. There is also an antique market the first Sunday of every month all other Sundays almost all shops will be closed. All shops are also closed daily between 2-4

Urbino is also well known for its Italian language schools and several prestigious universities.

Centro Studi Italiani

(http://www.centrostudital...) italian language school and italian culture courses for international students. school of italian for foreigners that offers language courses and opera singers courses. the courses are known and acknowledged by foreign universities. the school itself is not located in urbino, but in urbania. urbania is a tiny town of around 6,000 people and located around 30 minutes from urbino.