Antiques Fair

The Antiques Fair (http://www.arezzofieraant...) that occupies Piazza Grande and many of the streets leading to it, with an array of some 500 stalls by which is fun to browse though. Arriving by car it's best to leave it in the Pietri free parking lot and go up to the Duomo on the escalator.

it is most recommended to stroll

Not being a big touristic city like Firenze it is most recommended to stroll in the charming old city center along the small alleys and enjoy its quiet streets. a good panoramic view of the city can be seen from the tower of "Palazzo dei Priori" in Piazza della Libertà, or walking through the "Il Prato" park up to the Medicea fortress.



Arezzo was also home to an annual popular music and culture festival, each July, called ArezzoWave ( Publicly funded, it attracted bands of high repute and attendees from all over Europe and North America. It also featured literary and film expositions. From summer 2007 Arezzo Wave moved to the outskirts of Florence, where it is now known as ItaliaWave.

Joust of the Saracens

Arezzo is home to an annual medieval festival called the Joust of the Saracens Giostra del Saracino. In this, "knights" on horseback representing different areas of the town charge at a wooden target attached to a carving of a Saracen king and score points according to accuracy. Virtually all the town's people dress-up in medieval costume and enthusiastically cheer on the competitors.

Arezzo Festival

The Arezzo Festival ( - an annual summer theatre festival that brings together emerging professional and university-based performance groups from all over the world.