Casentino is in Tuscany where the Arno river is born then goes on to Florence and Pisa: the valley is shaped like a basket, with mountains all around. You can arrive here from Florence or from Arezzo. From Florence about one hour by car you can take the Passo della Consuma starting Pontassieve; from Arezzo about half an hour by car you can arrive directly following the Arno river. Here the peak of Monte Falco reaches 1658 m 5440 ft. Casentino is a deep-green land of Castles, romanesque Churches, Sanctuaries. ..such as Poppi Castle, a Manor of Conti Guidi Family, that is actually well conserved; Romena Castle, Porciano Castle, Chitignano Castle etc... Large stretches of woods, dominated by silver firs and beeches are found inside the 'Foreste Casentinesi' National Park. The National Park "Foreste Casentinesi" lies on the northern Appennine crest between Tuscany and Romagna, where deer, wild boar, eagle and even the wolf use to live. The Park covers an area of 36.000 hectars, mainly covered with woods of firs, oaks, beechs and chestnunts. Istoric roads, climbing Appennines recall closeknit ties between the valley and Florence, Romagna, Arezzo.