Enoteca Le volpi e l'Uva
Piazza dei Rossi, 1

The must of the tasting wines and savory titbits. piazza dei rossi, 1. ☎ +39 055 2398132

via dei Servi

Great coverbands everynight and a €4 pint. can be found north of the duomo on the right on via dei servi, before you reach piazza d annunziata.

La Cite

(http://www.lacitelibreria...) a very nice and cozy cafe/bookstore. good prices, nice atmosphere, good books. borgo san frediano 20r.

Uffizi Museum

The bar at this museum offers an amazing view overlooking la piazza della signoria, but it's only accessible through the museum, so you'll have to buy a ticket.

Irish Pub

the fiddlers elbow piazza santa maria novella. this pub has plenty of seating, in addition to live music and great staff.


Found in piazza de ambrosia. this is primarily a wine bar, and you can sample some great wines at a low cost provided you come with friends and share the price of whole bottles.


Piazza della signoria. founded in 1872 this terrace facing the palazzo vecchio is a florentine institution.


Or gilli. situated on the piazza republica, next to the hotel savoy. note that the terraces on the other side of the piazza are equally pricey.


Full Up Club
Via della Vigna Vecchia 25r
+39 055 29 3006

This club is on the smaller side but it is an excellent one. The music is super fun to dance to and you won't lose your friends in a sea of people like you might in some of the other clubs. It's a little hard to find, so you might have to ask around for directions. The crowd is a mix of foreign exchange students and locals so you're able to talk and dance with many different kinds of people. The music varies and there is also a smoking lounge.

Bamboo Lounge Club
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 57/R
+39 339 4298764
Free entrance women until 1.00 am
11pm - 4.30am

Bamboo Lounge Club is a great place for young adults and students to party. The music is great from European to American techno and many other worldwide DJs. Bamboo Lounge Club offers VIP tables and has two midsized bars. It is very clean and safe to be in. It is located on Via Giuseppe Verdi not far from the Duomo. The loud music, dancing, and exciting atmosphere gives people a chance to let loose and have fun. The club features mostly house, techno and hip hop music. Drink specials and themed parties are also part of Bamboo Lounge Club's Tuesday and Thursday night promotions.

Via Pratese, 46

If you love house and electronic music this is the best club to go to. It’s a two story club, located on the outskirts of Florence, features DJ’s from all around Europe, America, and Australia. This club also holds many concerts during the winter and summer. Many people come from all over to enjoy this clubs atmosphere. The dance floor is extremely large and is always very crowded. Be smart where you keep your bag and wallet because it’s very easy to get pick pocketed in large clubs like this. This club usually has a cover of €20 and the drinks are rather expensive, but it is a great place to experience at least once. It is very different than most of the clubs in Florence because of the multi-story building. To venture here would be best by taxi or bus. Since it is located in the outskirts of Florence walking could be difficult and not advised. There are many people who can help in directions in the Santa Maria Novella Station.

Space Club
Via Palazzuolo, 37

If you're looking to dance but don't want to travel to the outskirts of Florence, check out Space Club. It's described as a trendy, large club and bar with a 70's space theme. When the club isn't featuring a popular DJ from all around the world you can dance the night away to electronic beats and RnB jams. The club attracts tourists from all over the world but also houses lots of locals who flock the club from neighboring small towns outside the city. Be aware that this club has a card/system; you don't pay cover when you arrive. You're given a card and it is punched every time you order a drink 1st one is free. At the end of the night you have to cash out and pay the cover charge 10€ and pay for any additional drink you had about 8€. There is usually a long line at the end of the night so I would suggest leaving before closing 4am and most importantly, don't lose your drink card! The men here can be pretty aggressive so if that makes you uncomfortable, I suggest requesting VIP seating.

Tap water is safe but those who prefer bottled water will find it plentiful.

Make sure to sample the excellent wines of the region.

Chianti is the local wine that can be ordered cheaply. Many eateries will offer carafes of various sizes of "house chianti", usually for under €4.