Seven Bridge Road

48,8km 30,2 Miles - Between Reggello FI and Arezzo there is an ancient scenic route that up to the thirteenth century was the main method of transportation in the area, then following the move of the various castles in the valley, gradually lost its original importance, to become a route loved by cyclists and joggers. The Setteponti is also known as the street of churches, starting with S.Pietro in Cascia, home of a masterful triptych by the world famous artist, Masaccio; then the parish church of Santa Maria in PiandiScò; and then continuing with Badia a Soffena in Castelfranco di Sopra; the parish of Loro Ciuffenna just outside Gropina; and St. Justin. Car traffic is minimal on this road and the various curves make smooth the path where you can admire fantastic views over the valley to the villages along the road. Also you can admire the "Balze of Valdarno" with their pinnacle and spire of rocks that represent a characteristic landscape, but little known, of the Valdarno, that deserves to be seen. Leonardo da Vinci remained fascinated and he represented it in some of his paintings, like in the background landscape of the Mona Lisa. Step in the midst of endless olive trees interspersed here and there by vines, forage crops and olive trees, while in the more pronounced slope one finds thick green patches of vegetation.