The Maremma region is not known for many specific dishes, but the local, traditional cuisine is very good. Typical of the region is the custom to serve unsalted bread with the food, which may come as a bit of a surprise. Food stuffs you may encounter while dining out or shopping includes:

Acquacotta, a typical vegetable soup of the region with bread, pecorino and egg

Tortelli maremmani, a local variety of big ravioli filled with spinach

cured meat

Manciano cheese

porcini mushrooms

cinghiale wild boar

sea food

An excellent and fun way of eating good real traditional food at a reasonable price is by going to one of the many village festivals organized in Summer, they are called Sagra.

Each year, the Maremma food and wine festival Passione Maremma Food&Wine Shire is held in Grosseto in the third weekend of May. The town is then filled with stalls where local producers sell their cheeses, sausages, pastries and wines, and free music performances can be enjoyed as well.