Bagni di Lucca's spa
55022 Bagni di Lucca

(http://www.bagnidiluccate...): bagni di lucca is laying between the appenine mountains giving a semblance of a climatic mountain resort despite it's 152 meters above sea level, perfectly integrated by the river lima and serchio, from which the valley takes its name, can be considered an oasis of peace and serenity. decentralized from the traffic which reaches the nearby lucca 27km and versilia 48km.

Lucca has many old churches, some of which now house art galleries. See art museum. This was the hometown of Puccini, and operas are held regularly. Be sure to come by during the summer months, as the area is regularly dotted with Puccini festivals, hosting a variety of young opera singers from across Europe and North America.

Within the city walls there is very limited motor vehicle use allowed. Lucca is small enough to easily walk to any site. A detailed hitorical street map with descriptions of all the palaces, churches and other points of interest is available.

City Walls

One can walk or cycle on top of the ancient city walls. The entire perimeter is approximately 4 km. This gives a good introduction to the city layout. Expect crowds in the summer months.