Most people in Lucca walk or ride bicycles within the walls of the city. Lucca has small buses running through and around the old city. "Navetto" run on up to 9 routes. The map of the routes is available at [Vaibus]. Note that routes in one direction are numbered differently from the same route in the other direction. For example, the bus from the train station to Piazza G. Verdi, location of one of the main tourist information offices and of the intercity bus station, is Route 12 board on via Regina Margherita, west of the north side of Piazza Ricasoli, the piazza in front of the train station. The bus route returning to the train station from Piazza G. Verdi is Route 11.

Note: Buses stop running in Lucca at 8:00 p.m. Also, like any other Italian bus system, buy tickets at any tobacco shop in town, and cancel it when you board. As of April, 2012, tickets were €1.00 each, or €3.75 for a strip of 4 tickets.