Torre Guinigi

This is a tower with trees atop it, a very dramatic sight, with good views of the city. no lift, many stairs.

Torre delle Ore

Ancient clock tower with original clock still working; is it possible to go upstairs on this tower too beautiful view on the city, good perspective of fillungo street.

Via Fillungo
Via Fillungo

Main street full of shops and bars.

Palazzo Pfanner
Via degli Asili
340 923 30 85
4 €

Preserved rooms formerly inhabited by the Pfanner family, as well as a pleasant garden. Also on display, some 19th century medical equipment.

Saint Michael's Church

Located in center of the roman forum

Duomo di San Martino
Piazza di San Martino

Romanesque cathedral dating to 14th century. Contains the must-see Volto Santo and Ilaria del Carretto's Sarcophagus Note you have to pay to see this - By Jacopo della Quercia. Includes a sculpture of the crucifixion attributed to an eyewitness, Nicodemus. Some interesting carvings in the marble exterior, including a labyrinth.