Viareggio (http://www.comune.viaregg...) is a smaller city in Tuscany, in Versilia in the province of Lucca in Italy. The city is 23.76 miles to Pisa, 17.67 miles to Massa, 29.87 miles to Livorno, and 59.5 miles to Florence. The town is not very useful to most travellers as the beach is completely private, taken over by members only beach clubs. The town is famous for its carnival Carnivale di Viareggio in a neighboring city Torre del Lago. Tourists, however, should be very careful on the beach since it seems there are daily robberies of bags and personal items. Additionally, some hotels have been suspected of scamming their own customers i.e. conducting criminal activities.

The Town is gay friendly, and is surrounded by many attractive cities. It is also a less expensive alternative to some surrounding beach towns. The city is located on the beautiful Mar Tirreno, and the country surrounding the city is the home of beautiful hills, and quaint farm houses.