Millibar Pub Pisa
Via Palestro 39
+39 335 14 85 555
6 pm - 2 am
Near Teatro Verdi

Millibar Pub Pisa has long been a popular meeting point for students and tourists. Good drinks, good music, good food and a friendly atmosphere. For sports fans there is a giant screen and projector, three 46" plasma TVs, a private room to enjoy the game in full comfort a stadium-like sound system. MC Alessio for a night of Karaoke on Tuesdays

NamasteIndia Restaurant
Via Bernardo 34
+39 333-7546356
Crossstreet CorsoItalia

From North Indian dishes to South Indian dishes with Eastern & Western Indian flavors.

Via Case Dipinte 6/8
+39 50 578802
Sun-Thu 7PM-1AM, Fri-Sat 7PM-2AM
A bit tricky to find but worth it

Artisan organic beer and organic food at a good price.

Piazza San Paolo all'Orto
Closed Mondays
Starting in Borgo Stretto, the main shopping street North of the river, walk North and turn right down via Sant'Orsola then left at via degli Orafi. Take the next right and walk straight

Bar which also sells books. Has an upright piano and Jazz nights.

Borgo Stretto

Good coffee, fine service and the best dressed baristas. They also sell French wine and Champagne.

During summer nights, everybody stays around the banks of the rivers, sipping drinks bought from the several bars in the area. A few very good wine bars are also available for colder, winter nights.

Pisa Caffè dell'Ussero
Lungarno Pacinotti, 27

It is a monument to Italian culture in the 1400s Palazzo Agostini, on Lungarno. Its walls are covered with glorious mementos from its most famous visitors of the Risorgimento when they were students: Carlo Goldoni, Gacomo Casanova, Vittorio Alfieri, Filippo Mazzei, John Ruskin, Domenico Guerrazzi, Giuseppe Giusti, Renato Fucini, Giosuè Carducci, Cesare Abba, Giuseppe Montanelli. In 1839, it was seat of the meetings of the first Italian Congress of Scientists.

Lungarno Mediceo 15, Pisa
+39 50 9913302/3

This nice café is on Lungarno Mediceo, really close to the center of the city. The place has a strong personality; you can tell it's owned by art and culture lovers. You can pick up a book and read while having a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate, or even have a meal. You'll be warmly welcomed. Sometimes concerts take place in this café, and there are also evenings dedicated to special themes.

La Lupa Chiotta
Viale francesco bonaini, 113
+39 50 21018
From the station walk towards Piazza Vittorio emmanuele, than turn right in Viale Francesco Bonaini

Has very good food at reasonable price in a cozy environment