Numero 11
Via San Martino 47

47-49,via san martino. quite cheap prices, good food and generous portions in an informal setting. you can find any kind of food there.

Osteria di Culegna
via Mercanti 25

Via mercanti on the main road. reasonable price in a friendly environment, good food and research of the tuscan typical recipes, nice and smiley service. closed on sunday.

NamasteIndia Ristorante
Via S.Bernardo, 34
Crossing Street to Corso Italia

We provide authentic typical Indian food in the heart of Pisa. We are around 5 minutes walk from the Pisa Railway station and exactly in the middle of the way to the leaning tower from the Railway station.

La Reginella
via di Gello

Via di gello at via filzi. 15 min walk from the tower or take bus number 2. great pizza, and the guy who cooks it is originally from neaples: ask for vincenzino: it's awesome to see him at work!

La Mescita
Pisa Toscana

Via cavalca very close to piazza delle vettovaglie. an expensive but very good choice. they serve both traditional and more sophisticated food.

Osteria dei Cavalieri
Via San Frediano, 16

Via san frediano. very close to piazza dei cavalieri. quite expensive but very good. you can find typical and traditional recipes from tuscany.

La Stanzina
via Curtatone e Montanara 7/9

Via curtatone e montanara, not far from piazza delle vettovaglie. has very good food at reasonable price in a cozy environment. many of the recipes come from southern italy.

Trattoria da Cucciolo
Vicolo Rosselmini,9

Vicolo rosselmini 9. the food is very good, reasonably priced dishes 8 - 15 eur, and served in a tasteful quasi-homely ambiance. the staff is friendly and helpful.

Il Montino
Vicolo del Monte 1

Via del monte. great place to get fine pizza and excellent focaccine at a very cheap price. you can eat there or grab your food to go.

Vineria di Piazza
Piazza delle Vettovaglie

Piazza delle vettovaglie. serves great wine and very few dishes, but they are good and cheap. you can find very traditional food here.

Osteria Bernardo
Piazza San Paolo all'Orto 1
0039 050 575216
19 - 24

This fine restaurant overlooks the Piazza San Paolo Orto and has a sober and comfortable ambiance. Research of tradition and innovation of tuscan and mediterrenean recipes characterise the passion of its Oste and Chef

As a general rule, try not to eat near the Leaning Tower where prices are high and quality low. Head instead to the central area 5-10 minutes walking from Piazza dei Miracoli: you can find very good, cheap restaurants there. For example, there are excellent, friendly and reasonably priced cafeterias in the busy small vegetable market, Piazza delle Vettovaglie. Also Via San Martino, close to the south bank of the river, offers some places with good quality and low price.

This said, near the Leaning Tower, in via Roma, there's a good Indian Restaurant, with a beautiful atmosphere and really good, though not always cheap, dishes. In Piazza dei Miracoli, there's a quite good restaurant-pizzeria, cheap enough, the Kinzica.In any case, don't miss Salza, in Borgo Stretto, with high prices but absolutely gorgeous chocolate, sweets and pastries of all kinds. Don't sit down inside, though, because you end up paying €10 for two coffees.

Finally, there's a good pizzeria near the Youth Hostel, too, on the road that leads to the Leclerc, on the left then you must go in the tunnel.

Here are some good spots for eating:

Gelateria Naturale Artigianale De' Coltelli
Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 23
+39 34 54811903
€2 for two scoops
Closed in the winter

Ice cream made using quality ingredients, many of which are locally sourced.

La Lupa Ghiotta
Viale francesco bonaini, 113
+39 50 21018
(from the station walk towards Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele, than turn right in Viale Francesco Bonaini)

Has very good food at reasonable price in a cozy environment.

Pizzeria Tavola Calda La Tana

V. san frediano. 12 noon-3pm and 7pm onwards. this is a restaurant is frequented by locals. the food is good and reasonably priced compared to other restaurants in pisa. staff welcome all the locals and pamper the tourists.

Il Campano

Via cavalca very close to piazza delle vettovaglie. very typical tuscan food is served. the recipes are hearty and very good. prices are not cheap but certainly reasonable.

Via San Bernardo 35
2/4 €
12:00-24:00 Everydays closed on Dec-Jan-Feb
Piazza Chiara Gambacorti

High quality ice-cream laboratory. All the products are made with organic, fair-trade or local ingredients.It is available a wide range of taste and a dedicated line suitable for the vegan customers.