Le Balze
Volterra Toscana

A 3km walk past the residential area of Volterra downhill. You see the dramatic and fragile cliff which Volterra is built upon. The viewpoint is next to the camping site.

Via Matteotti

is the main street of the town, named by a socialist leader killed by the fascists. It's lined with wonderfully decorated palaces & houses

Piazza del Duomo

Great pulpit & altar. Notice how the entrance is through the baptistry, you couldn't enter until you were baptized, as the layout is here & in Pisa. Free & open daily 8:00-12:30 & 3:00-5:00

Volterra Toscana

This is a 14th century palace filled with great paintings, the highlights are the Annunciation & the Deposition of the Cross. €8 combo ticket includes Sacred Art & Etruscan Museums, open daily April to October 9:00-7:00, November to March closes at 1:45, on Via dei Sarti. Telephone: 0588-87580

Palazzo dei Priori
Piazza dei Priori

Volterra's city hall is probably the oldest in Tuscany, at nearly 800 years, and inspired the design for the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The lavishly painted city council chambers are open to the public when there's no meetings. Open daily April to October 10:30-5:30, November to March on saturday & sunday only, 10:00-5:00

Wine Tasting

La Vena di Vino is a great wine bar across the street from the Etruscan Museum, on Via Don Minzoni. They serve samples of a number of bottles a day, with food & music, and an unusual, bra-decorated interior. Open wednesday to monday 12:00-midnight, closed tuesday. Telephone: 0588-81491

Sacred Art Museum

A small 3-room museum of church art. €8 combo ticket includes Etruscan Museum & Pinacoteca, like it or not. Open daily 9:00-1:00 & 3:00-6:00, morning only in winter, well explained in English, next to Duomo

Etruscan Museum

One of the best places in Europe for Etruscan art, it is filled top to bottom with it, though there are few English explanations. €8 combo ticket with Sacred Art & Pinacoteca Museums, open daily 9:00-7:00, November to March it closes at 1:45. €3 Audioguides, on Via Minzoni. Telephone: 0588-86-347

Roman Theater

Built in 10 B.C. and has great acoustics, plus a great view, but a just as good view can be found at the city wall promenade for free. €2, but the theater can be viewed for free from Via Lungo de Mere, open April to October daily 10:30-5:30, November to March it closes at 4:00

Porta all'Arco

The town's best site is this gate built of massive volcanic stones in the 4th century B.C. It's part of the town walls that were 4 miles around, twice as big as it is now

Alabaster Workshop

The Alab'Arte is a great place to see the beautiful stone displayed. A showroom is across the street from the Etruscan Museum at Via Don Minzoni, with the workshop at Via Orti Sant'Agostino. Both open Monday to Saturday 9:00-1:00 & 3:00-7:00, closed sunday

Medici Fortress

This unusual fortress is actually a prison for mob figures from Sicily. The park nearby was the Acropolis of Volterra for 3000 years until Florence burned it down & turned it into a park.