Montecatini Terme

Nearby art-cities are easily reachable by bus or train but if you like the quiet medioeval towns and villas around Montecatini Terme, the only solution is by car. Trains take approximately 30 minutes to Lucca, an hour to Pisa usually involving a change at Lucca and Florence. Few travel agencies organize day trips. Consider them if you are without rented car and want to visit San Gimignano many changes by public transport. As of summer 2008, two excursion companies were offering daily trips in the season to locations such as Florence, Lucca, Siena/San Gimingnano, the coast, and local wine tastings: details from Tourist Information Centre,or leaflets in hotels.

Grotto of Monsummano - A lime cave with hot rooms and a steaming lake that are considered to cure people who enter it. "Grotta Giusti" also provide a big outdoor thermal swimming-pool and other spa-treatments.