San Gimignano

Piazza del Duomo
the town church's square, is surrounded by thousand-year-old towers
The visit to the museum is an ideal opportunity to learn about the architectural, social, and historical aspects of the middle Ages in Tuscany. Located in the heart of the city itself, the museum offers a massive reconstruction of the city of San Gimignano dated between the 13th and 14th Century. Open every day. €5 Adults. €3 Children. Audioguides available. Via Berignano n. 23.

The Collegiata, the nearest to a duomo cathedral in this small city, is beautiful and contains a splendid series of frescoes on Old and New Testament subjects. €3.50, €5.50 combo ticket includes Religious Art Museum. Open Monday to Friday 9:30-7:30, Saturday 9:30-5:00, Sunday 12:30-5:30

The Pinacoteca Civica civic painting gallery/museum in the Palazzo Pubblico is small but has beautiful art inside. €5, price includes Torre Grossa, €2 audioguides, open daily March to October 9:30-7:00, November to February 10:00 to 5:00

Torre Grossa
is the tallest tower in the city at 200 feet. €5, price includes Pinacoteca Civica, same hours as museum.

The town's 14 Towers are all that remain of the original 72, which were owned by the rich who liked to stay safe there when the town was sacked. But then Florence took control of San Gimignano, and most of them were torn down.

Porta San Giovanni
is a gate at the southern end of the town's 13th century walls

The church of Sant'Agostino in the northeastern part of the city contains a set of great frescoes on the life of St. Augustine by Benozzo Gozzoli, & friendly, English-speaking friars to tell you about the church. English mass at Sunday at 11:00, open daily 7:00-12:00 & 15:00-19:00, free, but €.50 inserted into a coin box will light up a painting.

The panorama of the countryside from the Rocca literally, a big rock in the southwestern part of the city.

The Piazza della Cisterna, a beautiful piazza with an old stone well no longer used in the middle. This is where a Thursday market gathers.