Go to Zanarini on Piazza Galvani,1 for a lunch. Best Terrace in town. Stylish waiters serve quality food. A 0,75 l bottle San Pelligrini only costs 2,50 EUR. Good value for your money.

Camminetto D'Oro
Via De Falegnami 4b

For good service, good wine list and fine food at a price try Camminetto D'Oro in Via de Falegnami or Cesarina in Piazza Santo Stefano.

Enoteca Italiana

" in via marsala at via malcontenti, has twice been voted best in italy. great for a stand up sandwich pancetta with balsamic or a mortadella panino and an excellent glass of the wine of your choice.

Via Ugo Bassi 10/r

In via ugo bassi does the best pre-dinner aperitivo in town, great cakes too. closed thursday afternoon and sunday evenings. gilberto in via clavature does a good aperitivo on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays between 7 and 9pm.

Osteria La Matta
Via urbana

meaning the crazy woman on via zucchini 9 is a hidden gem quite close to the university quartet. the staff and menu are 100% local, with dishes like tortellini, tortelloni and tagliatelle al ragù, all strictly handmade and delicious. the staff is friendly and funny, prices are good for value, it's a great place to enjoy a quiet dinner or melt with the busy office people who are regulars to la matta at lunchtime.

L'antica Trattoria Spiga
Piazza Montorio, 6

On via broccaindosso is a bit hard to find, but make the effort; it has a very good risotto and wonderful traditional cucina bolognese which does not include risotto.if you are blessed to visit on a wednesday,don't miss out on the day's special, a platter with crescente bread served with cold cured meats and cheeses for savory and nutella and jams for dessert. as with most places in bologna, be prepared to know a little italian. l'antica osteria romagnola in via rialto is very pretty and does good food but refuse the abundant and expensive antipasto or have that and just one other course.

Trattoria Tony
Via Augusto Righi 1

Many gourmets swear by the simple Bolognese food of the down to earth, reasonably-priced Trattoria Tony in Via Augusto Righi, just 1/2 block off Via Independencia--truly excellent.

Via Bertoloni 2

If you want reasonably priced but good Italian food, go to to Matusel Via Bertoloni 2 in the University north-east of the center zone next to Via Zamboni and offer a good and tasty meal for as cheap as 10 euros, coffee included. Matusel is renowned for good fish dishes. Also, Trattoria del Rosso in Via Righi 30 is a similar place, not far from Piazza 8 Agosto.

Antica sorbetteria
Via Saffi 22/2

Once upon a time good ice cream gelato could only be found at Antica sorbetteria in Via Castiglione. Among current contenders for the Bologna's Best Gelato title is Stefino Via Galliera 49/B, not far from the railway station. Try the wonderful pistachio ice cream and try almond "granita", though this is better at the recently opened Grom on Via D'Azeglio. The other place for superb pistachio and chocolate and many unique ice cream flavors, like Parmigiano with Pears or Fig and Almond or Watermelon and Jasmine, is Il Gelatauro, in Via San Vitale, considered one of the best gelaterie in all Italy. The newly opened Cremeria in Piazza Cavour is giving everyone else a run for their money with many excellent flavor combinations.

L'Antica Bologna
Via San Vitale, 88

Via San Vitale also features L'Antica Bologna, a chic but good and not particularly expensive bar and patisserie. Good Italian coffee is served too.

Da Gianni
Via clavature 18

For down to earth home style cooking try: Da Gianni in Via Clavature, Mariposa in Via Bertiera, Meloncello in Via Sargozza.

Via Oberdan 4

Via Oberdan has the excellent restaurant Teresina which has both fish and meat menus. Also located on Via Oberdan: the unique Cafè, Terzi with single estate coffees, and La Salumeria Bruno e Franco, which is probably Bologna's best deli.

Trattoria Del Rosso
Via Augusto Righi, 30

In via augusto righi 30 located in the historic center of bologna, the bread basket of italy, trattoria del rosso serves “piatti della tradizione bolognese” – “traditional dishes of bologna” – seven days a week! owned and operated by chef stephano curvucci.

Via Dell'Indipendenza 24

The Diana on Via Indipendenza is probably the most famous restaurant in the city but now it is a pale shadow of what it once was, though still high on old world atmosphere. Elderly Bolognese, tourists and businessmen dine here. The traditional regional cuisine like Lasagne Bolognese, Tortellini in Brodo and Tagliatelle with Ragu are the best choice here and the service is top notch. The daunting bolito misto is still a favorite and 35 Euros will add heaps of shaved white truffle to any dish. Diana is a favorite of Mario Batali but has fallen out of favour with many locals.

Pars Ristorante Persiano
Via Pietro Lianori, 16, Bologna, Italy
+39 051 631 2284
$12 - $43
12:00 – 2:30 pm, 6:30 – 10:30 pm

If you've overdosed on traditional Italian food, enjoy some delicious Persian cuisine at Pars. Be sure to make reservations or get there early, the restaurant fills up fast, and for good reason. The food is high quality, the service friendly, and the atmosphere charming.

Il Pappagallo

At the top of the street leading into piazza santo stefano was a famous haunt of the stars during the '60s and '70s and still attracts an exclusive clientele. its mix of traditional bolognese fare and nouvelle cuisine gives the diana a run for its money. many other restaurants offer the same food for a lot less, but you get a lot of space between the tables here and the historic building is impressive if that is what you want.


Via del Pratello has lots of bars and restaurants/osterie for young people. There's lots to choose from here. Walk past, look at the menus. It is located towards the middle of the 'western' part of the map. Fantoni with its checkered red and white table clothes and scribbled menus, is much frequented by students and serves fantastic fish secondi and an excellent ragu'. Via Mascarella/Largo Respighi is another zone with a lot of Osterie.

Marco Fadiga Bistro

For more contemporary stylish dining try the excellent and good value Marco Fadiga Bistro in Via Rialto or Casa Monica in Via San Felice.

Da Leonida

In vicolo alemagna is hard to fault, with its excellent food and service at fair prices.but service can be slow ... it could take you a while to get your bill..

There are many choices for where to eat, as Bologna is generally considered to be the gastronomic centre of Italy, the Food Capital. It is difficult to find a truly poor meal as the Bolognese, like most Italians, use fabulous quality local produce with sparkling ingenuity.