Lounge on the renowned beaches. Known as Il Mare, it is divided into bagni, which are essentially bars and stretches of beach owned by people. The most famous by far is the Bagno Fantini, which has an astounding number of world-class facilities, including a spa.

During the winter, Cervia essentially closes up shop. The population falls drastically, and it becomes a ghost town.

Dance in Milano Marittima's interesting nightlife. There are several clubs and bars in this chic area, regarded as one of the best places for nightlife in the whole region.

Watch hundreds of types of birds and mammals in the Parco Naturale. Here you can tour the wildlife, which has birds and deer, along with other typical wildlife of Cervia.

Take a stroll in La Pineta, the extremely long stretch of woods that starts up in Ravenna and ends just outside Cesena, in the south of the region.