Palazzo Comunale
piazza Ganganelli

is a large building in the main square. It is the town hall of Cervia.

Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta
Piazza Don Minzon

commonly called the Duomo, was finished in 1702 and is a great example of 1700's architecture. There is a small park next to it with a cafe.

Piazza Garibaldi
48015 Cervia Emilia-Romagna

is the main square of Cervia. People meet here, and it houses both the cathedral and the town hall. It is lined with cafes.

Museum of Salt

is a building on the banks of a canal that documents Cervia's history as an important salt-producing city.

St. Michael Tower

is an old tower just on the banks of the canal, next to a long road lined with shops selling fish.