Ferrari Museum
Tickets are 15€/adult. For minors, families and big groups there are discounts.

the main sight in Maranello, together with the Ferrari Factory. It's not far from the Ferrari factory an easy building to spot if coming on a bus: just walk towards the Ferrari Store opposite the factory and search for a sign

The factory and the Fiorano track can be visited with an official tour organized directly by the museum and can be booked online in the museum website.

Another activity greatly appreciated in Maranello is the short term rental of Ferrari cars.

Maranello is in the middle of an area famous not only for supercars, but even for foods, castles and culture. Around is possible book a visit to Parmigiano-Reggiano dairies, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar producers, Parma or Modena ham producers, Lambrusco cellars and lots of traditional restaurants. From Maranello several tours start to visit the area: one of the most active tour operator Motorsport Travel, who organize even the car rentals.