Here, the pleasures of the table are an art handed down over the generations where rich and tasty dishes combine humble roots and a refined culture of gastronomy - the pride of the nobles and the elegant court of the Este dukes. Visitors can start their tour of the tastes and flavours of cuisine in Modena from the retail places, ideally in the Modena Indoor Food Market, and then travel to the production centres themselves: dairy farms, to enjoy tastings of parmigiano reggiano Parmesan cheese, vinegar producers to delight in the unique, enticing taste of traditional balsamic vinegar, and then where hams are cured and wine cellars offering a fine glass of Lambrusco DOC, Modena's sparkling red wine. And since such visits will certainly stimulate the palate, this "tour" comes to a superb conclusion at table in one of the many welcoming restaurants in the city.

Restaurants in historic centre