Tombeau du GĂ©ant or Giant's Grave is one typical and scenic bend of the river Semois, surrounded by steep hills. Near Bouillon

Memorial of the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne. There is also a museum on the military base "caserne" about 6 blocks from the Place de St. Pierre on the main street. This museum contains the room in which General McAuliffe issued the famous "Nuts!" reply to the German demand for surrender in 1944. There is also much equipment, small arms, and some tanks. Knock at the gate of the military base and ask to see it. On the Place de St. Pierre is a museum presentation called "I was 20 years old in Bastogne." It is an excellent description of the 1944-1945 battle focused on the civilian perspective. Three stories of dioramas, artifacts, movies, small arms, and German and American military sidecar motorcycles.

Medieval castle in Bouillon

Fourneau Saint-Michel shows a reconstitution of a traditional village, and a museum about the Mining past of the region. Near Saint-Hubert