Monaco is a very safe, crime-free location, with a strong police presence. Every public space is blanketed with cameras and any kind of disorder may produce an immediate reaction and the attendance of many officers.

relationship with france(national identity)

Due to Monaco's close cultural relationship with France, this had led some, even in France, to think that Monaco is part of France. But as stated, Monaco is a separate country with its own identity. When in Monaco, DO NOT insult locals by calling them French as this hurts the Monegasque and Monegasque pride. In many ways, the Respect section of the France page can detail how to be respectful toward the Monegasque population, but it should be noted that Monaco is a separate nation and it would be very insulting to casually conflate the two. Keep in mind that Monaco's population retain their own history, their own culture, and their own lifestyle. With that in mind, everyone is approachable, happy to chat with you and globally simply kind. Directions or other help are only a smile and a question away.


Nationals of 125 different countries reside in Monaco, hence many languages are spoken. French is the sole official language, however Monégasque is the national language. Italian and English are widely understood and spoken.