Local specialties

local specialties
Krasnodar tea (Краснодарский чай)

This is the only tea sort grown in Russia, being the northernmost one in the world due to climate conditions, it's impossible to cultivate tea to the north from Sochi. Tea plantations of Greater Sochi are located in Dagomys, Solokhaul ( Lazarevskoe district and Adler. The amount of their production is limited, so it's not easy to meet it outside Krasnodar Krai. Baloven Баловень tea brand by Dagomys Tea Plant is available at Sochi shops. Group tours to tea plants are also available.

local specialties
Local alcohol

Surpisingly, Russia is the 11th-largest wine producer in the world. 60% of all Russian wine is manufactured in Krasnodar Krai. In Sochi and around there is possible to buy many kinds of this drink, starting from home-made and market-sold wine in no-brand plastic bottles looks dangerous, but is spoken to be the best one, finishing with premium-class aged wine and brandy in souvenir boxes. To avoid fake brand production buy it at the city's chain stores, such as Magnit, Karusel, Kairos or Perekryostok.

local specialties
Abrau Durso sparkling wines
The price varies greatly depending on the collection item

Abrau Durso plant located near Novorossiysk is the leading and the best-known Russian producer of a wide array of sparkling wines, from odious "Soviet Shampagne" to the exclusive Imperial and Millesime wine collections. The production technology is based on traditional shampagnoise method. Abrau Durso Абрау-Дюрсо wine is distributed to all Russian regions and exported.

local specialties
Abkhazian wines
250-500 RUR per bottle

There are several brands of wine from Abkhazia those are widely common in Russian shops and popular for their inimitative taste. Apsny Апсны - red semi-sweet wine from the mix of Cabernet, Sovignon, Merlot and Saperavi grape. Chegem Чегем - red dry wine from Cabernet grape. Lykhny Лыхны - red semi-sweet wine from Isabella grape. Psou Псоу - white semi-sweet wine from Aligote and Riesling grape.

local specialties
Brand wines of Krasnodar Krai
200-500 RUR per bottle

The best wine brands in the region are Fanagoria Фанагория ( and Myskhako Мысхако, both produced in Novorossiysk area and having the wide assortment.

local specialties
From 150 RUR per bottle for ordinary drink, to 2,500 RUR for upper-class souvenir bottles

This alcohol drink is called Cognac Коньяк at Russian domestic market, but is exported as Brandy due to necessity to follow the copyright of Cognac province of France. Together with Dagestan and Stavropol Krai, Krasnodar Krai is among 3 regions of Russia, those grape is acceptable for brandy production. The factory in Temryuk town located near Taman makes the best brandy in Krasnodar Krai, including the aged and souvenir collection.


Moskovskaya street, 22 - Central

A 5-stored mall built at the place of former city market and combined with a higher office building. Conveniently located in the very center of Sochi.

Novaya Zarya street - Central
under construction till May 2012

The first regional-scale world-benchmarked mall is being now constructed at outskirts of Central Sochi. In 2012 its numerous shops and boutiques of the best global and federal brands will offer the city biggest variety of goods and services. Over 30 restaurants of various cuisines of the world and a multiplex cinema are also planned.


The largest local retail chain in Greater Sochi. Over 40 supermarkets and minimarkets spread all over the city at walking distance from most tourist and residential locations. Good place for minor daily shopping.


Nationwide Russian supermarket chain with several shops within Greater Sochi.

Kurortny Prospekt, 16 - Central

A midsize shopping mall, located at Sochi central street.

Noviy Vek
Demokraticheskaya street, 52 - Adler

A midsize mall, located in the center of Adler district. Over 100 shops, restaurants, and a supermarket.

Transportnaya street - Central
orbital road of Sochi

Sochi's currently largest mall, having 70+ shops, hypermarket, bouling, multiplex cinema, foodcourt, and restaurants.

Donskaya street, 28 - Central

Large DIY and furniture mall with more than 80 shops and supporting infrastructure cafes, parkings etc..

Trade Gallery
Navaginskaya street - Central

Navaginskaya street became one of the main shopping areas in the city, containing a whole lot of various shops, where it is possible to by everything, from souvenir to clothing, and from food to photo camera spare parts.