/ракија/ excellent brandy that has many flavours, like plum /шљивовица/ (pronounced like shlyee-va, quince /дуњевача/doo-nyah, apricot/кајсијевача/ kai-see-yah,like pear /крушковача/,like plum-juniper/клековача/ something like gin... - you should know that some prestigious brands of rakija can be extremely expensive like žuta osa zhoo-tah o-sah, which means yellow wasp or viljamovka vee-lyam-ovka made of pear of the sort william , the most expensive and the most quality ones have a pear fruit in the bottle.

Loza from grapes, a type of rakija

Voda = Water


Slivovitza /Шљивовица/the national brandy of Serbia, and the most common type of Rakija, very popular, variably strong alcoholic beverage

The Wine was delicious and comes from more wine regions :Srem, Oplenac, Župa, Smederevo, Negotin, Metohija, ...

BeerПиво. Jelen Deer and Lav Lion are the two most popular varieties of Serb beer, although Nikšićko from neighbouring Montenegro also seems very popular.

Spring mineral waterВода-There are plenty of excellent bottled spring mineral water,from natural resources, protected areas.

Мineral water

минерална вода- in serbia there are plenty of well-known, the springs spa mineral water slightly sour, with a natural carbon

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink, and mainly of a good quality, too. If the water looks cloudy, it's because of air bubbles in the water. It's safe to drink, but you can also let it sit for a few seconds and watch the air bubbles clear up.

There are also many springs and fountains with excellent-quality drinking water - the most popular ones being the fountain on Knez Mihailova in Belgrade, and the many fountains in the city of Nis.

One must pay attention when it comes to water in Vojvodina. Some regions like Kikinda and Zrenjanin have heavily polluted water that is not even used for cooking, only as technical water.