Khan's Palace

The Khan's Palace - Hop on a marshrootka and ask the driver for "Dvar-yets" Russian or "Palats" Ukrainian. In the summer, you can hire a guide in almost any language. Points of interest include the inner palace, the Kahn's cemetery, the Falcon Tower, the Crimean Tatar museum and a small art gallery. Behind the palace is one of the many cemeteries dedicated to those who died in World War 2.

Uspensky Cave Monastery

The Uspensky Cave Monastery - Founded around the 8th or 8th centuries, this Orthodox Monastery is old and beautiful. A holy spring flows here and the water is potable.

Chufut Kale

A cliff city last inhabited by kararite jews, there are 1000 year old jewish and muslim cemeteries in the area.

Mangup Kale

A short bus ride out of town will take you to the area where you can hike to the top of the plateau and walk around ostrogoth/byzantine ruins.

Kachi Kaleon

A greek cliff city with several cave churches, this is also a short bus ride out of the city.

Tash Ayeer

This is another hiking area very near kachi kaleon.

Eski Kermen

Another cave city, this one still has a bit of the 1500 year old frescoes visable. It's also in remarkably good condition.