Getting To/From Major Transportation Hubs

Airport is easily reachable to/from a center, as well as other neighborhoods by a number of jitneys, and buses. Bus 129 links an airport with a railway station making stops in the "Cherjomushki" section of Odessa. Mini bus mashrutka 117 links airport with city center.

Railway station "zhe de vokzal, or simply "vokzal" is located at the southern edge of city center. It is easily reachable from all points of the city. One of the major tram hubs, trolleybus hubs, and regional mashrutkas mini buses are located next to it. Be aware however that few people will speak anything other than Russian and chaos is the rule rather than the exception.

Marine terminal Morvokzal is located just underneath Primorsky Parkway. The famous Potemkin Steps are leading to it from the monument of the Duke De Richelieu. It is reachable by several buses and jitneys, as well as trolleybus number 10 stops there.