Chernivsti Museum of Arts

Near the town hall. exhibits local art from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as regional applied arts.

Chernivtsi Municipal Museum

Dedicated to local history and natural history.

Ethnological Museum

Documenting rural life in bukovina. this museum is located out the city centre.

Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora

This museum focuses on the ukrainian emmigration from bukovina, but also shows some cultural exponents from the german diaspora in chernivtsi.

Chernivtsi Museum of Bukovynian Jewish History and Culture
Teatralna square, 5/1

The Museum of Bukovynian Jewish History and Culture invites you to make a trip through time and feel the atmosphere of Jewish life in Bukovina in 1774-1941. The exhibition reflects the foundation, expansion and latterly decline of the Jewish community in the area. You’ll get the opportunity to see the unique documents and materials, authentic objects of the everyday life, exhibits of sacred objects and also you’ll get to know about the rich Jewish architectural heritage of the region.