By taxi
By taxi

Taxis are very expensive. A short ride from the airport to Cable Beach costs $18 and to downtown Nassau is $26. Between Cable Beach and downtown Nassau expect to pay $15-$20 with no room to negotiate.

By bus
By bus

Nassau/New Providence have a system of buses called jitneys, discussed in the Nassau article. Bus travel on the other islands with the exception of Grand Bahama is very limited.

By plane
By plane

Bahamasair ( offers a comprehensive network radiating out from Nassau and covering most population centers. However, fares are expensive, frequencies are low, planes are small and the airline is notorious for extensive delays, and many travellers in a hurry opt to charter planes instead.

Another option to travel around the islands of the Bahamas is to take some of the newest alternative airlines such as Sky Bahamas, Western Air, Southern Air, Flamingo, Pineapple or Lee Air. Sky Bahamas occasionally travels into Ft Lauderdale to and from the Bahamas from Bimini Island. But the other airlines as mentioned before can take you from Nassau the capital to Freeport in the North to as far as Rum Cay in the Southern Bahamas. Check out the destination list below to see which airline fly's to which destination in the Bahamas.

Sky Bahamas- Nassau to Freeport, Exuma, Long Island, Bimini, Abaco, Cat Island & Ft Lauderdale.

Western Air- Nassau to Freeport, Abaco, Bimini, Andros

Flamingo Air- Nassau to Staniel Cay, Exuma

Lee Air- Nassau to Eleuthera, Staniel Cay, Exuma

Southern Air- Nassau to Eleuthera, Long Island, Rum Cay, Cat Island

Pineapple Air- Nassau to Eleuthera, Cat Island (http://www.bahamasstayand...)

By Boat And Yacht

Mail boats serve almost all populated islands in the Bahamas, and are amongst the cheapest way to reach many areas, though far from the fastest or most comfortable. The government has a mailboat schedule of mailboat routes online ( which may or may not reflect reality.

Yacht charters, such as Bahamas Boat ( and Fraser Yachts ( are common, and especially for wealthy visitors who hire larger super and mega yachts for the high season in the Caribbean, CharterWorld is used (

By car
By car

Major car rental agencies are available at the international airports at Nassau and Freeport but are harder to find on the Out Islands.

The car rental agencies at the airports use the secure parking lot model where they walk out with you to the car. When you come back, you go back into the car rental center to return the key and close out your account.

Unfortunately, like many other CARICOM nations, the Bahamas government has failed to implement common sense reforms to make rental cars visually indistinguishable from ordinary private vehicles. Rental cars are marked as such by a "SD" self drive prefix on their license plate numbers, which marks tourists as targets.

Bahamians drive on the left like British drivers and the signage and road design are British. This includes the British tendency to implement roundabouts instead of traffic lights where space allows. Most Bahamians drive aggressively and recklessly, similar to New York City residents, and this is most evident in congested central Nassau. Lane markings fade rapidly in the tropical heat and rain, there are huge potholes everywhere, signage especially street name signs is frequently missing or unclear, and driveways lack the reflecting mirrors used in the United States to help drivers see around blind corners.

Renting a car is very expensive in Nassau and Freeport $80 per day and up and less expensive $60 per day and up on the Out Islands. Many car rental agencies do not offer Collision Damage Waiver CDW or cannot offer CDW that will completely reduce your liability for damage to the vehicle to $0. Most Nassau agencies offer relatively new vehicles but that is not always the case on the other islands.

Also, many luxury resorts have only valet parking or charge high self-parking fees.

Remember that you are not in Hawaii or Puerto Rico; the Bahamas lack significant mountains or tropical rain forests and are dominated by scrub brush. There were a few forests on some of the larger islands but they were all cut down by early European settlers. Outside of the cities, resorts, and beaches, there is really not that much beautiful scenery to see. Thus, whether you can justify the cost of renting a car comes down to the pure convenience of being able to go where you please when you please, without having to wait for a jitney or having to keep finding and paying taxi drivers.