medical elective volunteering

For medical students or healthcare professionals, there are many opportunities to volunteer in Belize's many hospitals and clinics. Medical Electives Belize is the only medicinal volunteer program in Belize run by Belizean people, and it is a very reputable service provider having placed several hundred student volunteers in the country. (http://www.medicalelectiv...)

scuba diving

There are great opportunities for beginning and experienced scuba divers to have underwater adventures at the Belize atolls. Placencia is a particularly popular area.

organic eco farming

Organic crops are available for purchase and consumption all around Belize, especially at Farmer's Markets. If you have ever wanted to get insight into organic farming techniques, San Lorenzo Farm in San Ignacio is a great place to learn, participate, and indulge in some homegrown organic foods. Go visit for a half day, or spend the night as part of an eco-farm stay.


To learn about Belize's rich history, the Museum of Belize is a great resource.