Two relatively unique Bermudian dishes are salted codfish, boiled with potatoes, the traditional Sunday breakfast, and Hoppin' John, a simple dish of boiled rice and black-eyed peas. Shark hash was made, fish cakes were traditional on Fridays, hotcross buns at Easter, and cassava or farine pies at Christmas. With the high-end tourist market, great effort has been expended by hotel and restaurant chefs in developing an ostensibly 'traditional Bermudian cuisine', although this has usually meant adapting other cuisines, from West Indian to Californian, in line with the expectations of visiting clientèle. Most pubs serve a typical British Pub fare, although the number of these establishments has diminished as premises are lost to development, or establishments are redeveloped to target the tourist market. While lobster and other sea foods are often featured on the menu, virtually everything is imported from the US or Canada. If you want local fish, ask or look for "local" as opposed to "fresh."

Restaurants and Dining Options

Restaurants can be found all over the island, with the largest concentration in the city of Hamilton and St George town. Also, there are several at some of the hotels and resorts which can be outstanding or not and pricey.

NOTE: Gratuity is included in the bill 15% or 17% depending on the restaurant, so check your bill to avoid accidently tipping twice.

Remember that with most restaurants, the closer you are to the cruise ship docks, the more expensive the menu will be. Most cruise ship passengers have a short time in which to experience Bermuda, and if they don't eat on the ship, most will be reluctant to leave the town to eat. The restaurants in proximity to the cruise ship docks in, say, St. George's can be as much as three times as expensive as a comparable one in, say, Somerset Village.

Traveler's Price Card
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Local dishes

local dishes

Is eaten widely in the form of local tuna, wahoo, and rockfish. local fish is a common feature on restaurant menus across the island.

local dishes

Local specialities include:

local dishes
Cassava pie

Farine is an alternate base. traditionally eaten at christmas, but becoming more commonly found in local markets year round.

local dishes
Bay grape jelly

Bay grapes were introduced as a wind break. although, like surinam cherries and loquats, they are found throughout bermuda, and produce edible fruit, none of these plants are cultivated for agriculture in bermuda, and their fruits are normally eaten from the tree, primarily by school children.

local dishes
Bermuda Bananas

Which are smaller and sweeter than others, are often eaten on sunday mornings with codfish and potatoes.

local dishes
Fish Chowder

Seasoned with sherry pepper sauce and dark rum is a favourite across the island.

local dishes
Shark Hash

Minced shark meat mixed with spices and served on bread

local dishes
Sweet Potato Pudding

Is made from sweet potatoes, spices, and fresh orange juice. served frequently during the holidays

local dishes
Codfish Brunch

Is a popular traditional bermudian breakfast consisting of codfish that is boiled with potatoes and bermuda english onions, as well as sliced bermudian bananas. expect to see this speciality dish at restaurants and bed and breakfasts during the weekend.