By public transport
By public transport

The islands benefit from an excellent and frequent bus service, which connects all parts of the islands to Hamilton. The buses are air conditioned and used equally by locals, visitors, and cruise passengers. When catching a bus look out for the pink and blue painted poles which denote bus stops; pink indicates buses heading into Hamilton; blue heading out from Hamilton. Note that buses will not accept passengers with a lot of luggage. If you plan to get around by bus, note that some buses run every 15 minutes on weekdays, while others run every 30 minutes. Holiday and weekend schedules are less frequent. If you are going to a popular cruise destination, the bus may be standing room only or even unavailable due to full capacity. So plan accordingly.

There are also passenger ferries which ply the waters of Hamilton Harbour and the Great Sound, and are a great way of getting to Somerset and the Dockyard. There is also a ferry service between the Dockyard and St. George. See the schedule, as depending on your stop the pink line, for example the ferry runs every hour or less frequently.

Transportation passes valid on both buses and ferries are available for unlimited use for periods of 1 to 7 days and cost $15-56 with one month and three-month passes for longer-term visitors and residents available. A one-way bus or ferry trip costs $4.50, with short bus journeys costing $3. Cash fares on the buses are coins only although dollars were stuffed into the box, no change given. Ask the bus driver for a transfer when getting off the bus if you must connect to another line. Rather than buying a pass, the most cost effective option for many visitors would be to buy a sheet of 15 transportation tickets for $20 short rides or $30 longer rides from the ferry station, any post office or the bus terminal in Hamilton. Each ticket covers a single bus or ferry ride for $2, quite a lot cheaper than the cash fare. Rides lengths are determined by zone and the drivers and ferry staff are helpful in letting you know which you need. You can also use 2 short ride tickets if needed for a longer ride.

Schedules for bus and ferry can be found here.

Taxis are another easy way of getting around the islands. They are available at taxi stands on Front St. in Hamilton, at the major hotels or by phone. All taxis are fitted with a meter and charge $6.40 for first mile plus $2.25 for each subsequent mile. There is a 25% surcharge on Sundays. If not in Hamilton, you can always flag one down on a major road or call to have one pick you up.

With many services in Bermuda, but especially with taxis though not with buses and ferries, which are very punctual, there is a concept of "Bermuda Time." You may find that when you call for a taxi to pick you up, they may not be as prompt as you would like. This may mean waiting an extra ten minutes, but remember that Bermuda is not at all fast-paced like many cities, it is much more laid back and relaxed here.

On foot
On foot

Walking as a means of transportation may be a challenge depending upon your location. Hamilton has side walks and crosswalks, and is easy to navigate. However, if you are staying at other locations, such as a guesthouse in a residential area, walking can be dangerous. In many locations, there are no sidewalks, so walking means on the narrow road with buzzing cars and mopeds. Roads are narrow and often butt up against a stone wall, with barely enough room for two cars. Do not assume it is an easy walk to a bus or ferry stop, store or beach. That may or may not be true.

Cycle Rentals

Until the arrival of the US military during the second world war, cars were entirely banned from these islands. Even now, hire cars rental cars are banned and only residents are permitted to own cars - limit one per household! Motorized bicycles or mopeds are available for hire and heavily used by locals and visitors alike. Depending on where you are staying, a moped may be your best way to get around. [If you plan to use alternative transportation bus or ferry, carefully investigate how far you are from the nearest stop.] If you wish to use mopeds, rentals are very common, regulated and priced competitively, but beware: "Road Rash" is a very common affliction affecting many. Furthermore, the roads are very tight one-lane roads, many without sidewalks making walking dangerous and many with many 'odd' intersections such as roundabouts traffic circles, and 'triangular intersections' joining three roads.

Travel is on the left side of the road opposite to the US. Road signs are based on the ones used in the United Kingdom; however, they are usually in kilometres. The national speed limit is 35km/h 22mph, which is lower in built-up and other congested areas.

More information is available from:

Department of Public Transportation ☎ +1 441 292-3851 who operate the bus service.

Sea Express ☎ +1 441 295-4506 who operate the ferry service'.

Bermuda Taxi Radio Cabs
☎ +1 441 295-4141,
Bermuda Taxi Association
☎ +1 441 296-2121,

Elbow Beach Cycles ☎ +1 441 296-2300, rent scooters, cycles & mopeds.

Oleander Cycles ☎ +1 441 236-2453 rent cycles.

Wheels Cycles Astwood Ltd. ☎ +1 441 292-2245 rent cycles.