One of Bermuda's few taxes is its steep import duty. This varies depending on the item and the importer. Some items are tax-exempt when brought in for personal use books, educational materials. The duty on cars is fixed to their value. If the price of the vehicle before it is landed is less than $10,000, the duty is 80%. For cars costing $10,000 or greater, before landing, the duty is 100%. The dealer must add his own profit margin on top of this. Each person arriving on the island is allowed a $100 exemption, but visitors deemed to be carrying more than that amount will be subject to the duty on the excess value.

By ship
By ship

Bermuda receives many visits from cruise ships during the summer months, with most ships operating from the ports of Baltimore, Boston, Bayonne, New York, Charleston, Norfolk, Miami/Ft Lauderdale, and Philadelphia on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

The same immigration and customs rules apply as for arrival by air above.

There are three different locations cruise ships may stop at in Bermuda, and some vessels visit more than one of these in a single cruise:

Cruise ships berth here alongside Front Street, one of the main streets of Bermuda's capital. Passengers here have access to the shops and restaurants of Hamilton, and can reach the rest of the islands using the bus and ferry systems described in 'Get About' below.
Saint George
Cruise ships berth near the main square of the small town and historic former capital. Passengers can reach Hamilton and Flatts Village directly by bus, and other locations by changing in Hamilton.
Royal Naval Dockyard, Ireland Island
This berth is situated in the historic naval dockyard complex at the extreme 'western' end of the island beyond Somerset. This is currently the only location in Bermuda that can accommodate the largest of cruise ships. Passengers can reach Hamilton directly by bus or ferry, and other locations by changing there.

Bermuda is a favourite, if challenging destination for off-shore yacht crews. Crossing from the US mainland or the Azores can take up to 3 weeks in the notorious calm of summer. The rest of the year there might be too much wind: nor'easters to hurricanes. Another hazard: lots of floating debris from sunken ships and the hurricanes of the the last few years. Within a 200 nautical mile radius from Bermuda collisions with solid objects are frequent and often deadly.

Yachts have to clear in Bermuda Customs and Immigration at St George. Only bargain left in the islands: bring your own boat and anchor, moor or dock for free in all the islands' coves for up to 6 months. Check in is only $15 per person $10 cheaper than by air.

By plane
By plane

Bermuda International Airport IATA: BDA, Phone +1 441 293-2470, . There are daily flights from Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Newark, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington, together with less frequent flights from other US and Canadian cities. British Airways fly from London Gatwick to Bermuda.

There is a $25 airport tax for all passengers. Bermuda's Airport has the world's highest landing/parking fee for airlines, so the overall price for the air ticket incl all taxes is considerably higher than for many Caribbean destinations.

Arriving passengers will need to pass through Immigration and Customs, and non-residents must have a return or onward ticket. Importation of narcotics and weapons including all forms of guns is strictly prohibited, as are any live marine animals, snakes or plants.

The airport is situated in St. George's Parish, adjacent to Castle Harbour, and nearer St George's than Hamilton though no part of Bermuda is far from any other. If you are arriving on an inclusive tour, then your tour operator will probably have arranged onward transportation to your hotel by private bus. The airport is well served by local public buses, but unfortunately these will not accept luggage. The bus only takes cash fare in coins.

An Airport Shuttle can be booked for $10-$15 to take visitors to one of four hotels. It doesn't appear as though you have to be a guest at the hotel in order to reserve and ride but the hotel will be used as a drop-off or pick-up point. The shuttle must be booked online or using their US toll-free number in advance and has staff at a desk outside the airport. While there is a visitor information centre at the airport, it is unmanned and thus no bus tickets packs or transportation passes can be purchased at the airport, the closest visitor's information centre is an hour's walk away at the St. George's ferry terminal.

Taxis are available at the airport; depending on time of arrival and destination they may cost up to $50. Rates to and from the airport are set and posted. Hire cars are not available see 'Get around' below.

It is possible to walk from the airport, however it should be noted that the bridge across the causeway toward Hamilton is one lane each way with no sidewalks. Despite this, Bermuda drivers are patient and considerate of pedestrians and will wait for an opening in traffic in the opposing direction before passing and many joggers and walkers walk this bridge.

US Customs and Immigration pre-clearance is done in Bermuda prior to boarding your flight home. This allows for easy domestic connections on arrival in the USA.