Violent crime is becoming increasingly problematic in Bermuda but is still very rare compared to other destinations in the Caribbean. Most crime is petty like robbery. Using common sense and similar precautions that one would take at home is usually sufficient enough to deter most thieves.

Mopeds are very frequent targets for theft; make sure that you properly lock up any rented moped when leaving them unattended. When riding, do not place valuable items in the carry-basket unless they are secured - thieves have been known to ride next to tourists on mopeds and snatch purses and valuables. Also, rented mopeds have a tendency to get into accidents due to the sometimes narrow roads as well as driving on the left hand side, which may take getting used to. Using common sense and keeping calm in the traffic, which can appear quite close helps.

Always lock your doors and windows before leaving your hotel or guest accommodation.

Note that Bermuda has no right to concealed weapons except for government officers.

In case of emergency

Dial 911 for all emergencies, fire, police, and medical

Although it should go without saying, Bermuda can get very hot during the day, so sunscreen and a bottle of water is very handy for those venturing more than a short distance from their hotels.

Health care in Bermuda is incredibly expensive, and is roughly at American standards. There is one hospital on the island, the King Edward VII Memorial, with emergency services, including a decompression chamber. Air Ambulance service is available to additional medical services on the East Coast of the US. There is no government-funded National Health Service.

As healthcare costs in Bermuda are quite expensive, it may be wise to purchase traveller's insurance through a travel website or cruise line depending on how long you choose to stay. Most agents will be able to say whether any healthcare costs will be deducted immediately or upon returning home.

For minor issues or to purchase medication such as aspirin, stop by one of Bermuda’s many chain or independent pharmacy drug stores. Most are well-stocked, and are employed by friendly, knowledgeable pharmacists and staff who can assist with any questions. A well-known, reputable stop is The Phoenix Centre +1 441 279-5451

Be wary of coral, especially in Snorkel Park, as it is easy to cut yourself on the sharp edges.  Purchasing sandals or water shoes from one of the island’s many tourist shops or bringing them from home may be a wise choice. Something else to be wary of is jellyfish.  If stung, apply a solution to neutralize the poison typically a meat tenderizer or seek medical attention immediately if breathing or consciousness are affected.

Because all drinking water in Bermuda is caught in tanks and neutralized by the lime rooftops of the houses and buildings, it is best to inquire with a hotel's manager or staff if the water is safe to drink.  If unsure, never assume it is safe, as the different bacteria in the water can vary depending on where you are staying. The differences of bacteria in the water in Bermuda in comparison to the water tourists are used to drinking may also cause stomach issues. Boiling the water or purchasing water neutralizing tablets are two ways to ensure the water is safe to drink.


The principal language spoken is English, spoken with a distinctive accent not really similar to any other Caribbean country. Most people claim it resembles the Southern US in some cases. Portuguese is the second most widely spoken language.


Bermuda is divided into nine parishes from east to west:

St. George's Parish - Encompassing the area around the historic Town of St. George as well as the island of St. David's across its harbor.

Hamilton Parish - Location of Crystal Caves and Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.

Smith's Parish - Home to Flatts Village, Spittle Pond Nature Preserve and Devil's Hole Aquarium.

Devonshire Parish - The quiet parish.

Pembroke Parish - Where the city of Hamilton is located.

Paget Parish - Numerous resorts, Elbow Beach, Bermuda Botanical Gardens and Paget Marsh for birdwatching.

Warwick Parish - Golf, horseback riding and the island's best cliffs.

Southampton Parish - The best beaches and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

Sandys Parish - The Royal Naval Dockyard fortress and shops, but also Somerset Village, Fort Scaur, Gilbert Nature Reserve and some fine beaches.


It is considered good manners when greeting someone, a shop assistant or the Premier, to say "good morning", "good afternoon" or "good evening" and to do the same when leaving them. This applies even in situations where you are the customer, such as when catching the bus or entering a store. It is considered rude and abrupt to ask a question or make a statement without first greeting them. Try to avoid talking about politics or religion unless you know the person very well.

Most Bermudians are very accommodating when it comes to helping out or answering any questions a visitor may have. Just stop someone on the street, or pop into any shop and ask.

In Bermuda, it is common for a tip to be included in your bill, whether hotel or restaurant. However, in the event one is not, a 15% tip is customary. Make sure to tip taxi drivers 10%, or even more if the driver is transporting tourists from the beaches to elsewhere. It is not unheard of for drivers to turn passengers away if they are sandy or soaking wet.

Also note that homosexuality is seen as taboo in public in Bermuda even if it is allowed by law in private. The local gay community exists on a more low-key scale than elsewhere, with no gay specific venues at this time.


PO Box HM 994, Hamilton
+1 441 295-5391
Williams House, 4th Floor, 20 Reid Street, Hamilton
+1 441 292-0305
73 Front Street, Hamilton
+1 441 292-2917
+1 441 295-4806
PO Box HM 1179, Hamilton
+1 441 295-2244
8 Par-la-Ville Road, Bermuda
+1 441 777-5557
12 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton
+1 441 295-0614
Windsor Place, 18 Queen Street, Hamilton
+1 441 295-6574
The Toy Box, 4 Pokiok Rd, Smith
+1 441 294-7306
55 Court Street, Hamilton
+1 441 295-5264
Crawford House, 50 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton
+1 441 296-8314
Woodlands, 9 Middle Road, Hamilton
+1 441 236-4578
White Hall, 1 Park Road, Hamilton
+1 441 295-5519
Melbourne House, 3rd Floor, 11 Parliament Street, Hamilton
+1 441 292-1039
1 Glendon Drive, Hamilton
+1 441 293-7242
PO Box HM 458, Hamilton
+1 441 295-5588
United States
16 Middle Rd, Devonshire
+1 441 295-1342