Cayman Islands



Most shopping is in George Town and Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman.


Is the cayman islands' own semi-precious stone.

Black Coral

Is often used in jewellery here.

Tortuga Rum Company

Rum cake from Tortuga Rum Company is very popular with visitors to Grand Cayman.


There are many tourist shops where you can buy t-shirts, hats, postcards, and much more. Don't buy any seashells though; beachcombing is much more fun, and cheaper.

Cayman Sea Salt

Cayman Logwood products

The Cayman Island's dollar KYD is the ninth highest valued currency unit on the globe and the highest-valued dollar unit; be careful and always know if you're paying in CI or US dollars!

In November 2014, KYD1 = USD1.22 the inverse conversion was USD1 = KYD0.82.

The US dollar is ubiquitous and typically accepted by hotels, restaurants, and shops at the rate of one US Dollar for every 80 Cayman Islands cents, with change usually given in Cayman Island dollars.


Almost everything must be imported and is subject to a 20% import tax sometimes higher, depending on the product; food and other items are relatively expensive.