Cayman Islands

Alcohol is expensive on the islands, even from the liquor stores.

Typical drink prices in bars and clubs range from KYD4-7 USD5-8.75.

Liquor stores close at 22:00, and are mostly closed on Sundays.

Visitors flying into the Cayman Islands are able to bring either 1 bottle of duty free spirits, 4 bottles of wine or champagne, or one 12 pack of beer per person 18 years of age or older. Exceeding this duty allowance will result in substantial taxation to the excess items.

A variety of local drinking establishments range in price and consumer base yet all preserve a sense of Island flair. Rackams Waterfront Has the cheapest beer on the island each night during happy hour. And they have a reputation for the coldest beers too.Being right on the waterfront its a great place to catch a sunset.