Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue
Hanchi di Snoa 29

Phone: 5999-461-1067 ( the oldest continuously operating synagogue in the western hemisphere, with a sand floor and museum containing ancient artifacts.

The Floating Market
Sha Caprileskade

Punda side, willemstad. the "floating market" is actually a mini boat fleet that comes in from venezuela and sells ultra fresh fish and fruit at the best prices. you'll find it roughly one block north of the queen juliana bridge on the east side of the harbor mouth.

Fort Nassau
For Nassau

Willemstad. fort nassau was built on the hill to defend both st. anna bay as well as part of the city of willemstad. the fort is open for tours and there is also a restaurant that overlooks the bay.

Shete Boka National Park

West point, phone +5999/864-0444, ( a national park also run by the by the carmabi foundation, shete boka is home to the "7 boca's" including boca tabla and boca pistol also known as "the shooting pistol" in season, some of the boca's serve as sea turtle breeding grounds.

Curacao Sea Aquarium
Bapor Kibra z/n

Bapor kibra z/n, phone: +5999/461-6666, (http://curacao-sea-aquari...). home of the dolphin academy. this is one of the most popular attractions in curacao. if you wish to do a dolphin activity book as early as possible! $entry price depends on activity you choose but paying for an activity (such as something at the dolphin academy gets you entry to all of the aquarium.

Hato Caves
Franklin D. Rooseveltweg z/n

F.d. rooseveltweg z/n, phone: +5999/868-0379. open 7 days a week, with tours 2 times a day. coral and limestone caves that was carved out below the sea and born when the sea level dropped. there are beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations as well as water pools and a waterfall. the cave is also home to a colony long nose fruit bats. because of the colony, photography is limited and not allowed in certain chambers.

Curacao Ostrich & Game Farm
Weg naar groot St. Joris z/n

Santa catharina. phone: +5999/747-2777. ( the curacao ostrich farm is one of the biggest ostrich farms outside africa. the tour takes you around the ostrich pens and incubator. meat from this farm is shipped to aruba ostrich is a red meat, which is high in protein and low in fat.

Mikve' Israel Emmanuel Synagogue

Completed in 1730, this is the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the entire Western Hemisphere. It was build by sephardic Jews whose ancestors fled to the Netherlands from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition. A very interesting site to see!

Amazonia The Lost Cultures
Santa Catharina 66
$10 and $20
9 am till 4.30 pm
Right in front of Koral Tabak in L'Aldea

A guided one hour tour with more than 100 exotic reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and big birds surrounded by acient cultures's ruins, temples and piramide. Tour hours .9 am - 10.30 am. - 01.30 pm. 3 pm. -04.30 pm.

Made in Curacao

To do Made in Curacao, visit the site and find local producers. Find, feel, small, taste and experience the local culture.

Christoffel National Park

West point , phone: +5999/864-0363, ( a national park that is run by the by the carmabi foundation. christoffel national park is home to boca grandi, indian caves where you can see paintings left by the arawak indians and mount christoffel. at 1292 feet high, mount christoffel is the highest point in curacao.

Fort Amsterdam

Punda side, willemstad. the seat of the netherlands antilles, fort amsterdam sits at the mouth of the harbor at the end of the sint annabaai channel on the point. the complex has restaurants, shops as well as the governors palace.

Snorkeling and Diving at Curacao's Marine Park

(http://www.thecuracaoisla...) the complete southwestern side of curacao is one large coral reef and marine park. in the north you can dive at the banda abou national park, in the center at the central curacao underwater park and in the south at the curacau underwater park. curacao offers plenty of dive sites, from easy shore dives, pristine coral bay dives to sheer drop-offs especially in the southeast.

Klein Curacao
Only accesible by ferry

This small deserted island 15 miles off the coast boasts Curacao's longest and most pristine white sand beach. You'll never see water any clearer and get to snorkel with sea turtles! The island is only accesible by ferry or boat for day trips. Numerous companies leave several times per week for day trips. Most packages include food. Mermaid Boat trips is the only company with beach chairs and huts to relax on the island as well as having large boat to prevent sea sickness!. Well worth it and highly recommended.


The diving on the island can be quite nice, with warm waters, mild currents, and decent visibility. Numerous dive shops/centers are available and the average going rate for a dive is 85 gilders $50 USD, with gear included. A popular site for diving and snorkeling is "Tugboat," which has a pretty good coral wall though the wreckage of the tugboat itself may prove more interesting.


Cas Abao

Is a beach on a plantation. it is a long stretched sandy beach with lots of facilities including huts, beach chairs, restaurant, fresh water showers and bathrooms. (http://casaboudiveandwate...)

Barbara Beach
Sta. Barbara Plantation Resort Curacao

Barbara Beach Private beach and future home to the Hyatt Hotel.

Playa Jeremi

Is a small secluded beach slightly north of lagun. there are no facilities here.

Jan Thiel Beach
Kaya Damasco

Jan Thiel Beach

Seaquarium Beach
Bapor kibra z/n

Seaquarium Beach

Mambo Beach
Bapor Kibra z/n

Mambo Beach ( Is next door to Kontiki beach and is the place where locals and tourists alike visit for the nightlife partying here.

Daaibooi Baai

Is near habitat in rif st. marie. limited facilities. huts, restrooms, grill area. beautiful protected cove with calm waters. avg depth: 20m

Playa Kalki

Also know as alice in wonderland, is located at the far west end of the island past the town of westpunt. kura hulanda lodge ( has a restaurant at the beach and ocean encounters west (http://oceanencounterswes...) which is a full service dive shop. for a small fee, you have use of a dive locker for storage of personal items while diving/snorkeling and use of fresh water showers and equipment cleaning area.


Curaçao's beaches are concentrated on the southern coast, especially the western side. Find these from Rif St. Marie up to Westpunt.

Kontiki Beach

Kontiki Beach is is about a ten minute drive east from downtown Willemstad near Breezes hotel. Kontiki is a full service beach offering watersports, shops, beachbar and a restaurant. It is also serviced by Ocean Encounters (http://curacao-toucandivi...) dive center. Can get very crowded.



Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay ( is located on the Piscadera Bay. The location is a short drive a few miles west of downtown Willemstad near The Marriott and Hilton hotels. It has many beach amenities including showers/bathrooms, Hook's dive center and an excellent full service restaurant.

Playa Porto Mari

( is a large beach with a full service restaurant, and a complete dive shop including fresh water showers and restrooms operated by porto mari sports (

Playa Lagun

Is a secluded bay towards the western end of the island in the town of lagun. it is a small sandy beach on a rectangular shaped bay with tall cliffs on each side. the waters adjacent to the cliffs is excellent place for snorkeling. both sides of the bay along the cliffs are teaming with a wide variety of marine life and corals. the left side of the bay has a greater variety of underwater structure for a better experience. the beach has the discover diving curaçao ( dive shop which also has a small restaurant.

Playa Kleine Kenapa

Also known as little knip is another beach past the town of lagun. it is a nice secluded beach with plenty of shade trees if you desire to stay out of the direct sun. the bar/restaurant on this site operates on a sporadic schedule, so visit prepared.

Playa Grote Kenapa

Also known as big knip is a large sand beach west of the town of lagun.

Habitat Beach

Is located in rif st. marie on the sw coast. it is curacao's newest beach and has a full service dive operator, diveversity (, habitat dive hotel (http://habitatcuracaoreso...), oceans restaurant, and in the gated community of coral estate (