Gouverneur de Rouville
De Rouvilleweg 9 (boven)

Is a popular restaurant in willemstad that serves a variety of continental european dishes in a wonderful atmosphere. located just north of the floating bridge on the otrobanda side, 25-45naf.

Scultpure Garden Restaurant
Langestraat 8

Located in the kura hulanda hotel one block west of the governeur restaurant, sculpture garden offers excellent international cuisine with some very innovative specials

La Granja
Past Cost U less

Is a peruvian influenced chain restaurant with a very local feel, serving great latin cuisine, including excellent whole chicken, lomo saltado, and other great dishes. sta rosaweg 15-25 naf. open 7 days.

Plasa Bieu,
De Ruyterkade z/n

Located in punda, about 300 meters ene of the floating bridge in punda, is the favorite lunch spot of most, if not all, of the island's local-born population working in punda. open m-f, 10am-3pm, the plasa bieu has about five restaurants within it, serving chinese, jamaican and krioyo local food. try t cabritu stoba stewed goat at grasia di dios, for an excellent example of the island's local cuisine, at one of the only restaurants in punda which offer it. 8-14 naf

Seaside Terrace
Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard

Is located next to breezes hotel and close to lions dive hotel and mambo beach near the end of penstraat. seaside terrace has a limited menu, but serves delicious fresh fish red snapper, dradu, tuna, etc. and, if available, very well prepared lobster against very fair prices. the owner "amigo" is very friendly and makes you feel at home right away.

Old Dutch Cafe
Pietermaai 25

Located on the pietermaaiweg 500m east of the bay on the punda side, the old dutch cafe serves inexpensive dutch cuisine with a kitchen that stays open late into the night. 15-28 naf. closed sundays.

Il Forno
Caracasbaai 328

Is a popular italian/pizza restaurant with two locations, caracasbaai location and doormanweg location serving european though not italian style pizzas with fresh and delicious ingredients. 15-30 naf.

Rif Fort

Located in the rif fort, 100m south of the floating bridge on the otrobanda side, is probably the best of the rif fort's five or so mid level restaurants. offering typical seafood and chops with a bit of local flair. 30-40 naf. 7 days, lunch and dinner.

La Pergola

Located in the old fort on the southwest side of punda, is likely the island's best italian restaurant. offering good pasta dishes as well as a few innovative 'secondi', la pergola's quaint waterfront view completes an excellent dining experience. 25-40 naf.

Golden Star
Socratesstraat # 2

Is located on the dr. w.p. maalweg, on the way to salinja. it serves local creole food and drinks, and is a good value for the amount of food you get. prices vary from 15-25 naf for a main course with sides.

Bistro le Clochard,
Renaissance Rif Fort

Located in the rif fort, offering outstanding french cuisine with a beautiful waterfront view, bistro le clochard is an excellent restaurant with superlative service. open 7 days. 50-80 naf


Curacao is littered with 'Snacks,' small bar restaurants which serve Chinese Food. These are typically inexpensive, double as convenience stores and bars, and are typically open later than most other restaurants which cater to local rather than European patrons.

On y va picnic

With a picnic basket full of delicacies from on y va, your day at the beach becomes a unique experience. order your favorite basket one day in advance and pick it up along the way to the beach, or let us deliver it. we are located on your way to the beautiful beaches on the west side of the island. 26-45 naf

Oceans Restaurant

Is located at habitat dive resort in rif. st. marie on the sw coast. serves a wide variety of international and regional cuisine. overlooks the caribbean sea in an open air casual decor. has full service bar. 15-35 naf

Wilhelmina Plein Cafe

Located 200 meters east of the floating bridge in punda, this cafe is a favorite among the island's many dutch interns and businessmen. wilhelmina plein cafe offers exclusively outside seating along a major pedestrian thoroughfare, with good food and one of the island's better beer selections. 18-28 naf

Vincent's Cafe Copa Cabana

Is a relatively hidden cafe just east of the iguana lounge's main bar along the water on the punda side of the bay. skip the overpriced and mediocre waterfront restaurants on the punda side and go to vincent's for great sandwiches as well as a number of good daily special entree's. vincent's is an outdoor cafe under the shade of a number of trees and the two buildings between which it is sandwiched, which also create a very pleasant breeze. 8-20naf. m-s lunch - 6:30pm.

Kontiki Beach Club

Is a seaside restaurant offering good food in an idyllic location right on the beach. it is a little outside of the city, but it is well worth the short drive.

Santa Catharina 66
$26 - $46
6pm till 11 pm
Right before Koral Tabak

L'Aldea is a brazilian all you can eat steakhouse. Huge salad bar with cold and warm dishes. Ambience: rainforest and Mayan and Inca's ruins. Free shuttle from Hotels available with reservation.

Downtown Cafe at the Hotel Estoril

Breedestraat 179 o, located 200 west of the arti supermarket, on the otrobanda side's main shopping strip the breedestrat/roodeweg open seven days per week 7a-8p, 'el estoril,' as the locals calls it, packs its seven or so tables full from about 10am-4pm, with venezuelan, colombian and dominican expats. the estoril serves a mix of local and latin dishes, all served in a more typically latin style. order at the bar and sit down when a seat becomes available. you'll be expected to share a table if your party cannot fill it. 8-20 naf.




Local cuisine in Curaçao is a mixture of European, West-Indian and East Asian particularly Indonesian flavours. Dutch influences are found in the use of cheeses, bread and seafood, which are also important in Curaçaoan food. Indonesian cuisine, a migrant from Suriname, another of the Netherlands' former colonies, can be found on the island, and explains the widespread availability of Sate and Peanut sauce along with the islands more Caribbean fare. Also, Chinese "snacks" can be found all over the island serving cheap Chinese food. They cater mostly to locals, but most serve good food.

Vegetarians will find enough options available if they are willing to go a bit out of their way to look. Also, some knowledge of basic Spanish or Dutch words describing food is helpful when speaking with locals to determine whether a dish is vegetarian.