Victoria Falls

One of two waterfalls on the east side of Dominica the other being Sari Sari Falls, the parking area and trailhead are well-signed thanks in part to the Victoria Falls Tavern. It takes approximately 45 minutes to hike to the falls. The terrain is relatively flat, but you do crisscross the White River several times. The relatively temperate pools at the base of the 165 ft falls are a popular place to take a swim.

Screw's Spa
$10 US for 1 hour for non-Dominicans

Delightful hot spring spa with pools of several temperatures for your soaking pleasure. A lunch counter is available, as well as higher-priced wraps and rubs, etc. This is popular with the locals, as well. In the village of Wotton Waven, outside Roseau

Valley of Desolation/ Boiling Lake

Make sure to leave yourself time to travel to/ from this destination in addition to the lengthy/ challenging hike. Expect to take a at least 8 hours round trip including driving - but it's worth the effort. Stunning scenery. Hire a guide. Not because the path isn't easy to follow if you're a hiker, it's not that hard, but because small rivers become big torrents when raining... scary to cross.

Syndicate National Trail

A 30-45 min walk to see easily the parrots, in a beautiful tropical rainforest. 2h walking on a farm road before getting to the trail if you do not have a car, but hitch hiking works quite well with farmers.

Trafalgar falls

After a very short walk, you can see two big falls in the same point of view. But it is very difficult to reach to the bottom of the falls for a swim. However, you can bathe in natural pools of hot sulfured waters, just next to cold rivers ! So much better than artifical pools in Soufrière. You need a pass to access this site 5 US$.

Waitukubuli National Trail

Crossing Dominica, from the south to the north, this trail is well indicated everywhere. You can do some short easy walks, as well as harder hiking, to the Morne Diablotin for example. Around 15 days for the entire trail.

Middleham Falls

The waterfall is a wonderful reward at the end of this moderately difficult hike. Be careful on the trail as it can be a bit challenging in parts. The start of the trail is a fair distance north-east of Roseau so expect to spend about an hour driving each way. The hike may take about an hour each way. You'll want to spend at least 30 minutes enjoying your reward for the hike at the Middle Ham falls and pool.

Sari Sari Falls

Located on the east side of Dominica in La Plaine. The hike to this tall 125 ft. rainforest waterfall takes 45-60 minutes one way. The route is not terribly long, but it does involve multiple river crossings which can be very slippery. Some wading is required to get to the pool at the bottom of the picturesque falls. Most visitors go for a swim in the pool but be prepared for very chilly water!

Snorkelling is particularly good at Champagne, south of Roseau, and at Scott's Head. Scuba Diving, waterskiing, jet skiing, kayaking or other water sports are also possibilities. Note that kayaking or canoeing provide an alternative to the ocean and lets you experience the rivers and inland bodies of water throughout Dominica.

Whale watching, dolphin watching, or boat tours can be arranged from Roseau.

Dominica's waters are also home to three species of marine turtles Leatherback, Hawksbill, and Green turtle, and these gentle giants can be seen coming in to nest on shore during the months of April to October. Protected viewing sites are set up throughout the island, such as at Mangrove Bay on the Woodford Hill beach in the north east, or on the beaches of Portsmouth in the north west.

Hiking trip, biking, ATV tours, or zip lining are popular in forest areas. Hiking is one of the best ways to see Dominica and there are many wonderful hikes around the island of easy to challenging.

Dominica rock climbing and canyoning is an encouraging and motivating experience. It tests strength and agility while experiencing some of the most breathtaking views of Dominica.

Dominica is known for their many island events and festivals. The Caribbean Islands love food, music, and celebration. Whether it’s a cultural gathering or a music festival Dominica offers it.

Many of Dominica’s resorts offer spa vacation services on the premise for a convenient way to get rejuvenated for the next day of activities.

The Kalinago Barana Autê
1 767 445 7979
Entrance fees are US$10 per person for a 30-45 minute guided tour
opened daily from 9AM to 5PM

This site shares history and traditions of the Kalinago people caribs from hundreds of years ago. It is located along the banks of the Crayfish-River near the Isukulati Falls in the Carib Territory of Dominica. The site consists of a reception center, snack bar and gift shops. To begin your tour, a footbridge crosses the river and gives way to a circular trail leading to a series of small huts throughout the village. There is a Karbet which is used for cultural and theatrical performances. Kalinago carib traditional activities at the village include canoe building, cassava processing, basket weaving and herb collection and preparation. The kalinagos caribs are the indigenous people of Dominica.

All work permits are valid for one-year duration and can be renewed. An application involves the submission of two completed copies of the relevant form together with the following supporting documents;

Medical certificate;

Two testimonials;

Banker's financial reference/statement;

Police record/statement;

Proof of return ticket;

Two 2 passport size photographs;

Marriage certificate where applicable;

Letter stating duration and type of employment;

Work Exchange at Nature Island Eco-village Tourist permits do not permit work for money, however, work trade is not forbidden.