Bring lots of sunscreen!

There are Metropole-style pharmacies which carry top of the line French sunscreen, that can be expensive.

Also, keep hydrated, especially when hiking in the mountainous areas. A hat is often a good thing to have because the sun can get extremely hot.

There is no particular disease but you should protect yourself from the sun.Sanitary and medical facilities in Guadeloupe are good.Health care in Guadeloupe is controlled by a state-owned organisation Sécurité Sociale.Doctors are available in almost every village.Tap water is usually safe for consumption. Public sources of water are unsafe if labeled with "Eau non potable" no drinking water.Visitors from European Union should bring a European Health Insurance Card or EHIC formerly the E111 form with them. Ask details at your local health care organisation.


Country code: 590

Dialing within Guadeloupe: all numbers have 10 digits. Landlines begin by 0590 and mobile phones by 0690.

Dialing to Guadeloupe: international prefix + 590 + phone number without the first 0 this leads to dial twice 590 which is normal. If you dial from France, just use the 10 digits number.

Dialing from Guadeloupe: the international prefix is 00.

Calling to a mobile phone is more expensive than to a landline. Number beginning by 0800 are free phone. Number beginning by 089 are premium-rate.

Few foreign mobile phone companies offer international roaming to Guadeloupe so double-check before leaving. Your company should provide specific roaming to Guadeloupe since it has deferent mobile phone companies than in mainland France.

Alternatively, you should be able to get a Pay-as-you-go SIM card from various locations. There are two companies offering wireless services: Bouygues Telecom Caraïbe (http://www.bouyguesteleco...) and Orange Caraïbe (


While officially a part of France, the country does not have a very europeanized way of life. In fact, life in the Caribbean has a much slower pace. Busses run very infrequently, taxis are hard to find, smaller stores open or close not always on time, queuing in stores is sometimes very time consuming... Try to fall into the local pace and do not complain about minor annoyances as Guadeloupeans will see that as an offense to their way of life. And they are proud of the distinction between caribbean and metropolitan French life style!


French is the official language. Antillean Creole is a language also spoken primarily in the French and some of the English Lesser Antilles, such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Îles des Saintes, Dominica, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and many other smaller islands. Everyone speaks French but few people understand English which has however influenced Antillean Creole since the British seized the island several times.

See also: French phrasebook.

emergency phone numbers

emergency services: 112 which can be called from any mobile phone, even if not connected to a GSM network;

fire brigade: 18;

police station: 17;

specialised emergency medical service called SAMU: 15.



Post offices are found in all cities.Letter boxes are colored in yellow.


Less than 20g postcard, letter with one or two pages in a regular envelop :

France including Oversea Territories DOM-TOM: 0,53€

area 2 rest of the world : 0,90 €

The basic stamp for regular mail is red with the head of "Marianne" the Republic logo. It does not carry its value and can therefore be used even after a price increase. It is sold in all Post Offices, Bureaux de Tabacs Tobacco sellers identified by a red lozenge and postcard vendors. The latter may also carry other common stamps.

In most Post Offices you will find an automatic machine yellow with a scale and a screen. Just put your mail on the scale, tell the machine French or English the destination, pay the indicated amount and the machine will deliver a printed stamp.